Your laptop battery will last less time if you are doing this

When we use a laptop to work, one of the biggest concerns that comes to mind is taking care of the battery. There are many myths about the actions that make the battery life of our laptops last longer or shorter. The reality is that it is one of the components that has the greatest wear and tear. No matter how much we want to take care of it, there will be a time when it will pass away, but it is good to know the reasons why we help it to last less.

When we buy a laptop one of our primary needs lies in the autonomy of the battery. The longer it lasts, the better, since one of the functionalities that a laptop gives us is to be able to use it anywhere without having to be connected to a socket. There are tools that tell us the useful life of our laptop’s battery, but the truth is that whether it lasts more or less depends on how we are treating it in daily use.

Your laptop battery will last less time

Actions that damage the battery

When we buy a new laptop at the beginning we give it the best care: we clean the screen trying not to damage it, we disconnect it when it is already charged, we do not let the battery drain completely, etc. But as time goes by, it may be that by mistake or by routine we take on habits that do not favor the laptop battery to last long enough.

Let it download completely

With both laptops and other electronic devices it is good to prevent them from turning off completely and reaching battery level 0. If you let your laptop discharge to shut down very often this will have a significant impact on the battery life. In addition, it is not advisable to leave it below 40% during long periods of uselessness, since depending on several factors such as its age or use it may not turn on again.

Batería agotada

Expose your laptop to the sun

One of the common tips from laptop manufacturers is to avoid exposing the battery to high temperatures. Heat is a direct enemy and can sometimes even cause a battery to explode if it exceeds 30 degrees. If you use your computer outdoors, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and if you work with it at home, make sure it is not near any heater, since these actions cause the battery to lose its useful life.

Do not use the original charger

This is common and what most users opt for when their battery charger breaks. As a general rule, an original brand charger is more expensive than a standard one, but the fact of not using the original charger can also have an impact on the useful life of a battery. It can occasionally save us from trouble, but it is best to continue using an original charger.

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Despite taking the previous points into account, the reality is that batteries end up exhausting the life cycles for which they were created, degrading over time, which causes a laptop to become less and less so over time. When the autonomy of the battery runs out, it is best to consider a change, since the laptop can continue to be useful and can be a good alternative if we do not want to make a good investment by buying a new computer.