The cheapest setup you can mount with IKEA furniture

The cheapest setup you can mount with IKEA furniture

It does not matter if it is just for work or also enjoying leisure options such as video games, having a setup that is comfortable for you is important. But do not think that achieving this comfort is something expensive, there are very cheap options to be able to stay for hours without physically suffering, having everything well organized and accessible. So we are going to tell you how to build a good inexpensive setup with IKEA products .

The importance of the workspace

After many years of working remotely and from home, you learn to value the things that really matter in order to carry out your activity in the most optimal way possible. And not only that, but also to be able to enjoy that leisure that you like so much as video games or simply editing photos and videos that we record as a hobby.

Among all those elements that help to enjoy a much more satisfactory experience, in addition to those that are related to the equipment you use, there is also the furniture. It is not the same to work at a table that is lame, with hardly any space to place what you need to have at hand and sitting on an uncomfortable chair to do it on something diametrically opposite.

Of course, the problem is that the idea of a comfortable setup always seems to be somewhat expensive and not everyone has the possibility of making a minimum investment of 400 or 500 euros. Because we could go to chairs like Herman Miller that easily exceed a thousand euros. However, this is not the case and we are going to prove it to you.

The cheapest IKEA setup

IKEA basic setup with LAGKAPTEN tabletop and ADILS legs, total 35 euros

IKEA is for many the ideal place to create your own setup without having to spend a lot of money or lose customization options. Among the different tables that can be found ready-made, there are also those that you can make to measure by combining tops with different types of legs, trestles and even drawers.

The cheapest IKEA setup is clear what it is: Lagkapten / Adils . Yes, leaving aside the particular names that IKEA uses, this set costs only 35 euros and is like the classic Linnmon tabletop with the four cheapest legs that the company sells. The advantage is that it has a width of 140 cm and a depth of 60 cm, so you have more space in the width without the burden in narrow rooms that cause boards with a greater depth.

TILLSLAG trestle (15 euros) and ALEX drawer (65 euros)

Of course, if you need some storage or place to place something like a backpack, etc., you can combine it with the use of a Tillslag easel. This particular model not only has a base to place something on it, but also with the possibility of fixing it to the trailer with screws and gain stability.

IKEA setup with LAGKAPTEN tabletop and ALEX chest of drawers, total 89 euros

Of course, a classic option within the setups that you can create with IKEA furniture is to bet on a chest of drawers as a support on one of the sides. With one or the other option in the end you have an economical and comfortable set, because you can find it with the dimensions that you really need.

Then there is the topic of chairs. Here IKEA has introduced new models and that is always good, especially since during the last year they have seen that teleworking will be an option that many will continue to choose. Nowadays there are many possibilities, the Markus chair is a classic and the new LÅNGJÄLL are also a good option if you don’t need arms (there is also a version with arms for a little more price).

If you combine this with the TERTIAL gooseneck lamp (10 euros) you will have an economical, comfortable and versatile work and leisure space that will cost you very little, less than 100 euros. So you have no excuse to improve that place where you possibly spend a good number of hours a day.

The ideal IKEA setup to work without spending a lot

Before we have seen the simplest and cheapest option, but without losing sight of the fact that it is a low-cost option, let’s see what would be the ideal workspace or setup to work or enjoy your leisure time without spending a lot.

The main piece would be the new UTESPELARE gaming desk . This not only offers a very attractive black finish (light gray option available), but also a series of very interesting features to be able to adapt it to the needs of each user:

  • Option to adjust the height between 66 and 78 cm high.
  • Board with two placement options
  • Cable organizer

With a price of 129 euros, it offers everything you need so that you can place your laptop or desktop computer next to a monitor and other accessories such as LED spotlights, etc., if you dedicate yourself to streaming issues or making live videos in the different platforms for it.

In addition, as we indicated at the beginning, despite being a desktop with a gaming vocation, it is also very good as a workspace. Because there are things that are shared and sought in both scenarios to be as comfortable as possible. Not forgetting that you save other common accessories for cable management as mentioned before thanks to the organizer that it carries.

Again, this desk plus a chair that is comfortable for you allows you to have an economical setup where you can spend as long as you want. Of course, it is always advisable to manage the number of hours well and change your position to avoid back or neck problems, among others. If you want to continue with that gaming idea, look at the MATCHSPEL chair (149 euros) and for less than 300 euros it can be much more aesthetic and functional.