You will wear the new Dyson purifier in your ears (if you dare)

wear the new Dyson purifier in your ears

The most revolutionary and daring brand in the world of vacuum cleaners has once again surprised us with a product that is quite different from the general trend to which the company has accustomed us. And it is that we are dealing with noise-canceling headphones manufactured by Dyson , and that promise to be the models that will best isolate you from the outside world, since in addition to eliminating noise, it eliminates all kinds of pollution that can affect your health.

Air-purifying headphones

Dyson Zone

With a look that looks like something out of a cross between Cyberpunk and Mad Max , the Dyson Zone is the first Dyson personal cleanser you’ll be able to wear. The official images that show the product are presented by themselves, and it is that, in addition to having the unmistakable stamp of Dyson, it presents a futuristic aspect of those that are hard to believe (we ourselves thought that the news was a joke for the April Fool’s ).

But what is the intention of this product? As presented by the manufacturer, the Dyson Zone arrives to solve two of the great urban problems, environmental and noise pollution . On the one hand, we have headphones with active noise cancellation that are responsible for eliminating noise pollution, offering modes of total cancellation, conversation (it is automatically activated when we do not use the filtration visor) and transparency, which will be activated depending on whether we wear put on the purifying visor or not.

The star function is, how could it be otherwise, the air purifying mode, a vacuum system that, with the help of two compressors hidden in the headphones, is responsible for vacuuming and purifying the air from external gases, such as presence of NO2, SO2 and O3.

Does it work as a mask?

Dyson Zone

The Dyson Zone is not a protective mask as such. It is an air purifier that provides a controlled stream of air to the nose and mouth in the form of clean and pure air, however, its electrostatic filtration system does not replace the function of an FFP2 mask as such. Of course, at the moment that we attach the FFP2 accessory that is included, it can be used as a protection measure like the current masks, at the same time that we receive clean air.

A design to be comfortable

Dyson Zone

Although the manufacturer has not commented on the total weight of the product , the numerous details around the headband make us think that the two integrated motors will have an impact on the scale. With the idea that wearing them is not an ordeal, the manufacturer has designed a headband made up of three sections that, inspired by horse saddles, distribute the weight on the sides of the head instead of focusing it on the upper part of the head. the same. Thus, the weight of the equipment is distributed more comfortably, also including pads of different foams with which to accommodate placement and achieve maximum sealing of the ear when placed correctly.

Canceling the noise from outside… and inside

Dyson Zone

The noise cancellation system not only works to silence the outside world, but also to dissipate the sound that will be produced by the vacuum motors that purify the air. The visor through which the air will be expelled floats in front of us and at no time touches the face, so it will be an element that should not bother us when we wear them (apparently it can be removed or moved towards the jaw).

When can it be purchased?

Dyson Zone

The best of all is that all that futuristic halo that the product gives off will vanish quickly, since we are talking about a completely real product and that it will arrive in stores in the fall of this year, so we only have a few months left to become into a science fiction character.

As for the price , Dyson has preferred not to go into details at the moment, so we will have to wait a little longer until we know the price of our global isolation device.