Now you can play Call of Duty Vanguard multi for free

play Call of Duty Vanguard multi for free

The Call of Duty Vanguard game is, until further notice, the latest release from the Activision franchise to hit the market. Set in World War II, its campaign has not managed to silence the existence of a powerful multiplayer that is, basically, what has kept the saga alive for many years. Now, the Americans are going to let you try it completely and, more importantly, for free to all of you who are curious to see what’s going on inside one of the most controversial deliveries of recent times.

Two weeks open to everyone

It is not uncommon for companies to open wide the doors of their most acclaimed games with the intention of continuing to herd users to take them away from the competition. And although Call of Duty we might all think that it does not need, increasing the player base is something that always feels good to anyone. Especially when the multiplayer panorama is as vast as the one we currently live in, with dozens of alternatives filled to the brim with users and that are renewed every few months with more and more new features.

In this way, and taking advantage of the premiere a little over a month ago of the so-called Season 2, the North Americans wanted to take advantage of the occasion to announce a trial period of the Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer that will run from March 30 until April 13. 15 days in which you can download the game client and access the competitive part as one more user who wants to experience the rankings and modes, as well as some of the most outstanding novelties such as the Góndola and Casablanca maps. The first takes us to a place with power plantswith corridors and rooms practically built in the rock, and the second to the mythical city of Morocco, famous for the Humphrey Bogart movie, where we will cross markets and some neighborhoods at full speed that will make hand-to-hand fighting very complicated.

Call of Duty Vanguard Casablanca.

And when we say free, we mean that it is completely free, although first you will have to meet a series of requirements that are, on the other hand, the usual ones of these developments with a lot of multiplayer behind them. Especially if you are going to play from a console, be it PlayStation or Xbox. Behold.

What must you have to play?

Although you can download the game without problems from your console’s digital store (PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store), you need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription in the case of Japanese machines, or another Xbox Live Gold in those of the North Americans. If you don’t have any of them active right now, you’ll need to purchase or renew them before you can connect to the game servers. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate and you will receive the message that it is not possible to start the game.

And the time runs until next April 13. By the way, remember that this Call of Duty Vanguard trial is available for both PS5 and PS4, as well as Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.