You should turn on the air conditioning of the car in winter

Air conditioning in the car is currently an essential element, and not only because of the comfort it generates on board but also because it contributes to improving safety behind the wheel. An air conditioner (now already an air conditioner in almost 100% of our cars) that is a great ally for drivers, and not only during the summer, but also in winter. In fact, it is quite important, too, to be able to use it at this time.

You will avoid serious breakdowns for the future

You should turn on the air conditioning of the car in winter

If we are already experienced drivers, we will have observed the evolution of air conditioning systems in cars. And from those who only carried the controls for heating and in summer the cold air was the one that entered through the windows, going through the incorporation of air conditioning, which was independent of the heating system, to the current air conditioners.

In fact, those of our days have ceased to be that, simple ‘air conditioners’, to provide a magnificent possibility of conditioning the passenger compartment both in winter and in summer. Thus, now this is the most sought after option, which is also done to offer a car full of comfort.

In any case, it is important to know that it is the so-called air conditioning or the well-named climate control, it is a fair element for winter, strange as it may seem. The reason? Because we will be able to avoid possible serious breakdowns for the future, and that can condition for the summer season.

Problems may occur due to lack of use

Not surprisingly, winter is when we should pay more attention to it than it might seem. Well, it is now when you have to watch it and do some maintenance, but in a much easier way than it seems.

We are talking about those that are problems due to lack of use , which will also be discovered in summer (already late), which will affect the air conditioning compressor and the system circuit. And it is that the compressor is the engine that circulates the refrigerant gas, and one of the common causes of failure is that it spends too much time off. And the repair of this element, essential for the air to come out cold, is not cheap.

For this reason, the fact that the car’s air conditioning is turned off can cause the circuit’s sealing joints to dry out and crack, and the refrigerant gas to leak… with repairs that can cost up to 500 euros .

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How to do it properly

As we say, and in the event that we may have some kind of problem, the most common is that there has been a loss of gas. Recharging it is easy with the right machinery… but there’s no point in buying it, so it’s best to go to our workshop. There, in addition to refilling the gas, they will check that there are no leaks in the circuit. If there are, they will locate and repair them, although as we said the prices can be quite high.

At the same time, and if the air does not arrive well, it may also be that some of the elements that make up the air conditioning system do not work properly and you will have to go to the workshop. So how can we do to prevent these car leaks? Well, connecting the air conditioning (by pressing the A/C button, so that the compressor works) once or twice a month, for 15 minutes .

This will cause the motor of the air conditioning system to be in operation for a while and it will also be more difficult for dirt and humidity to accumulate excessively in the circuit and filters. Currently, some modern cars have started to deploy other intelligent variants of air conditioning use based on the most used functions and offering quick access to them.