You should never put Alexa at these 5 places

Are you aware that certain placements of Alexa within your home can pose risks to your privacy, security, and even your well-being? Today, we will discuss the locations that are considered the least ideal for Amazon’s virtual assistant and why it is advisable to avoid them.

While it is beneficial to position Alexa in a specific area to enhance voice detection and audio quality, it is crucial to be mindful of the following considerations. Placing Alexa centrally in a room that is easily accessible allows the microphones to accurately capture your voice and evenly distribute sound throughout the space.

Avoid situating Alexa near objects that could obstruct its voice detection capabilities, such as walls or sources of excessive noise. Furthermore, it is essential to prioritize the privacy of certain areas, such as the bedroom or bathroom, where sensitive activities take place.

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Avoid putting it next to the TV

Virtual assistants such as the Amazon Echo are designed to constantly listen for specific keywords, like “Alexa,” that initiate voice command recording. It’s important to note that these devices retain all voice recordings unless manually deleted by the user.

Considering that numerous television commercials incorporate keywords like “Alexa, play…,” it is advisable to keep the device away from the television to minimize the risk of unintended recordings of private conversations. This precaution also helps prevent inadvertent and disruptive activations of the virtual assistant.

Get it out of the bathroom

A study examining the microbial content of smartphone screens has revealed the presence of fecal streptococci, a bacteria commonly found in feces. These microorganisms can become airborne after toilet flushing, traveling up to 1.5 meters within just 8 seconds.

Closing the toilet lid can increase the likelihood of bacteria landing on nearby phones or smart speakers. To maintain hygiene, it is advisable to keep these devices outside of the bathroom or away from the toilet area. If you enjoy having music in the shower, it is recommended to position the device in a high location on the wall, away from the bathtub and sink, to prevent contact with water.

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Don’t put it near the sink

It is important to exercise caution when placing any electrical appliance near water, and this applies to Alexa as well. However, apart from the safety concerns, there is another reason to avoid putting your Alexa device next to the sink. The sound of running water can interfere with voice commands, causing difficulties in its usage.

Nevertheless, having an Amazon Echo in the kitchen can prove to be helpful. For instance, it can alert you when the washing machine cycle is complete if it can detect the beep sound. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the device in a safe and clean location, away from the sink, to prevent any potential damage and to ensure the optimal functioning of its voice recognition capabilities.

Avoid windows

Placing valuable devices like an Amazon Echo near windows can pose a potential risk, as it may attract the attention of thieves and make your home a target for theft or burglary. In the event that a criminal gains access to the voice assistant, they could potentially manipulate other connected devices, such as your car or door lock, compromising your security.

To safeguard your belongings and maintain the privacy of your home, it is advisable to keep these devices in a location that is not easily visible from the outside. By concealing them from plain sight, you reduce the likelihood of drawing unwanted attention and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to your smart home system.

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Don’t use it in the room

In 2019, it came to light that certain Amazon employees had been listening to private conversations captured by Amazon Echo devices as part of their quality assurance process. This breach of privacy resulted in the inadvertent capture of intimate moments, such as a person singing in the shower or discussing sensitive information like bank details.

As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to position these devices in public areas rather than private spaces like the bedroom or bathroom. While the Amazon Echo technology is triggered by a specific keyword, it may continue recording for a brief period after activation, potentially capturing unintended audio. By placing the device in public areas, you can minimize the risk of inadvertently recording and exposing sensitive or private conversations.

Nooks and shelves: the best place

While prioritizing the safety and privacy of your Amazon Echo or smart speaker, it’s equally essential to consider its functionality and optimal placement. Experts recommend several ideal locations for these devices, such as a corner of the living room, away from windows, or on the kitchen counter, positioned safely away from the sink.

If you prefer a clear line of sight to the device, placing it on a mantel or bookcase can be a suitable option. This allows you to easily monitor its activity, especially when it indicates that it’s recording. Another practical approach is securely mounting it on a wall that doesn’t face a window. This placement ensures both visibility and protection, keeping the device clean and safe while minimizing background noise interference.