You should avoid using a VPN in these cases

The use of VPNs is something that is very widespread today. We can use them both on computers and mobile devices. Although they are useful in certain circumstances, such as to encrypt the connection on public networks or hide the real IP, on other occasions it may be a mistake to use them. In this article we are going to focus on the latter. We are going to explain when you should not use a VPN if you want to maintain a good connection.

When not to use VPN

You should avoid using a VPN in these cases

You must bear in mind that security must be above all else. If you are going to use a public Wi-Fi network, for example, it is always a good idea to connect through a VPN. On other occasions, when you are on a network that you know or you see that the security is not in danger, then you can decide to do without this type of program.

See streaming video

A clear example of when it is a mistake to use a VPN is when playing a streaming video . For example, if you are going to watch a series on Netflix or a video on YouTube, unless you need to use a VPN to avoid geo-blocking, you should not use it if you want it to work as well as possible.

Why do we say this? Using a VPN tends to slow down the connection. The speed of the Internet will decrease and that will cause the videos to be cut or that you will not be able to play them at the highest quality. Therefore, in these cases it is convenient to disconnect it and navigate directly without it.


Something similar happens when downloading a file from the Internet. If you are on a secure network, where you are not in any danger, it may be best to turn off the VPN and download the content normally. In this way the download will go faster and you will not have problems of cuts that may appear.

Therefore, if you are going to use an application to download files or directly from the browser, to achieve optimal speed and not have problems, it would be ideal if you did not have the VPN connected at that time.

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Make a video call

Also when making a video call you will need a good Internet speed, without interruptions and, ultimately, that it works correctly. Otherwise, you could have problems using programs like Skype or similar, which will need everything to go well.

A VPN could make that video call start to go wrong, see low quality or appear the annoying continuous cuts. As in the previous cases, it would be convenient to turn it off even momentarily.

Very weak connection

Do you have a weak connection , with low speed? This can happen, for example, if you are connected by Wi-Fi and you are very far from the router or access point. The device will not receive a good signal and the speed will be very limited. Although you can navigate, certain services may not work as well.

If in these cases you use a VPN, everything will be worse. That Internet speed will be more limited and you will have more options to suffer cuts. Therefore, you should choose to turn it off and avoid making the situation worse.

In short, in these circumstances it would be a mistake to use a VPN. Whenever possible and not an issue for your security, you can choose to turn it off to make the connection work better. Even sometimes the VPN can be a danger.