You are going to pay more in Internet services, this is the first

We are seeing a general price increase in practically everything. Food, clothing, the price of electricity and fuel… The inflation we are experiencing means that practically everything we buy costs more than it did a few months or years ago. And this, little by little, is also affecting Internet services. The latest service to announce a price adjustment was OVHcloud . This makes us think that we will see an upward trend in many other Internet services in the coming months.

OVHcloud raises prices

You are going to pay more in Internet services

When we talk about OVHcloud, we mean one of the most important cloud and web hosting services . It is based in France and is used by many private users and companies of all kinds globally. Now, due to the increase in the price of electricity, it has announced an upward revision of the price of its services, so that customers will start paying more.

As they indicate, until now they have not raised the price due to their planning when buying energy. However, that planning will come to an end and they will be forced to go to the market to use more expensive energy, so they will not be able to maintain these prices any longer. The upload will begin on November 1, 2022 for public cloud services and from December 1 of this year to other services such as dedicated servers, VPS, private cloud or web hosting plans.

The announced rise is approximately 10% . However, this price increase will not affect the quality of its services at all. In other words, they do not plan to offer something inferior and thus be able to maintain or even lower the price, but rather they want to maintain the same as before, even if that means having to raise the cost to the customer somewhat.

We will see more price increases on the Internet

But the case of OVHcloud is not and will not be an exception . In fact we are going to see that many other Internet services are going to raise their prices. For example cloud services, web hosting, platforms to watch streaming videos… After all, all these services are seeing an increase in their costs, especially in electricity.

Although in the short term many have chosen to reduce income in order not to lose customers, it is a fact that sooner or later, unless there is a significant drop in the price of energy, the vast majority decide to transfer this increase in costs to end customers and set higher prices.

If we only take into account the cost of energy , worldwide it has increased by more than 30% compared to 2021. Any service that we use on the Internet is going to be hosted on a server connected to electricity, so it is going to be more expensive to maintain and commission. And here we can mention any web page, platforms like Netflix or Spotify, cloud storage services, etc.

Therefore, in summary we can say that in the coming months we can see more services and platforms such as OVHcloud that prices rise. We will also have to wait to see to what extent they will be more expensive and if it will be maintained over time.