You only need a cable to turn your mobile into a computer

One of the most interesting things about mobiles is that you can use them for practically everything, and you can even turn them into a whole computer with a single accessory, although you can complete it with your keyboard, mouse and other accessories, if you know how.

This is especially interesting if you have good features on your smartphone and need some of the functions that you will only have on a computer, with a very similar view and a new user experience. You will want, even if it is to try it, so we tell you what you have to do.

a cable to turn your mobile into a computer

Your mobile could be a real computer

With just one cable, you can turn your mobile into a highly functional computer, enjoying the best PC experience and the applications you have installed. But this does not work in the same way in all brands, so we are going to tell you how you can do it in the most important ones that allow it.

  • Samsung: the manufacturer has Samsung DeX technology, with which you can view the content of your mobile in desktop mode, making it look like a computer. All you have to do is purchase your base, connect it to the mobile in the base, enter Samsung DeX mode on the screen and access the connections menu. In more settings, click on HDMI and click on Screen Mirroring.
  • Motorola: You have Ready For mode, whereby you can connect to a monitor or display to use it as a computer. All you have to do is connect the mobile with the cable and this mode will be activated with windows and taskbar like a computer. You can use it as a touchpad or add accessories that will make your PC experience more complete.
  • Xiaomi: it also has its own option, so that when connecting the mobile to a screen it becomes a computer, you must install an APK file . When you open the PC Launcher application its design will be completely changed. It works well on phones with MIUI 12.5 and Android 11, although it should also work on some models from Android 11. If you have a Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, you will already have the PC Mode function implemented.
  • Desktop mode has been on Huawei for some time, although on certain models you can do it wirelessly with Simple Projection.
  • In LG , as in other brands, it works when you connect the phone to a monitor or TV with the cable that we will talk about next.

The most interesting thing is that just like a computer, you can connect a keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

Get a suitable cable

In order to convert your mobile into a computer, you will need to buy a cable, although do not worry as it is not excessively expensive. You can find a good quality one on Amazon. So that you do not get confused, you will have to get a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

adaptador conectar móvil pantalla monitor

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, this cable costs 7.99 euros and works as a USB Type C to HDMI adapter to connect your mobile to a screen without having to install original software.

However, we recommend this 4-in-1 USB C HDMI Adapter which currently costs 20.99 euros and has a 10% coupon. It is compatible with different USB C type mobiles, it has 4 ports and a good data transfer speed.

The Anker adapter is another excellent alternative that works with different phones, although many have highlighted how well it works with Samsung.