You have been abusing your mobile battery for years and you did not know it

Many times we do not realize it until a friend or acquaintance warns us of the settings that harm the battery of our smartphone. And it is that, probably, you may have used some of the configurations that we will see later, which are not too good for the useful life of this element of mobile devices.

In addition, we are facing one of those fundamental components so that any terminal can turn on. And not only this, but every user wants their smartphone to last the maximum time on and, above all, not to turn off by itself from time to time as it could happen with a battery in bad condition . For this reason, it will be necessary to be careful with a series of adjustments that continuously mistreat this component of mobile phones.

You have been abusing your mobile battery for years

Settings that damage the mobile battery

Maybe, at some point or another, you have decided to choose to set the brightness of your mobile device as high as possible, either to watch a movie or because you are on the street and the sun does not allow you to see the screen well. Well, we are sorry to tell you that it is not good for this component of the smartphone. Although the truth is that it will also depend on the times you set the brightness of the terminal panel to the maximum. However, if you use this setting every day, you will be abusing this internal component of your phone.

In addition, it is no secret that the higher the percentage of brightness, the greater the consumption of the power of the smartphone. So you will always have to look for an intermediate point. And it is not the only factor, since many users have a tendency to leave their terminal in full light. That is, they tend to continuously expose their phone to the sun without any protection.

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With this simple action, the only thing that is achieved is that the mobile overheats and, therefore, gradually affects the battery of the device. So it is advisable to avoid the sun shining on it as much as possible.

Another aspect that we should take into account to prevent the battery from degrading so quickly is the fact of deactivating the vibration of our terminal. In this way, we will not only be able to save energy, but also that this component does not suffer so much. Although this setting will also depend on the type of user you are. However, if you need to be aware of the smartphone, you can always choose to activate the sound and disable the vibration.

Last but not least, we must bear in mind that when the mobile constantly tries to find the best coverage it consumes more energy . Above all, in those areas where we have a worse signal intensity. For this reason, it is best to configure the smartphone so that it never tries to connect automatically. Since, for example, if in the area we are in we only have 3G, and we have an automatic connection with 4G networks configured, our terminal will be constantly looking for the highest possible power.