You don't have 1 giga fiber because you don't want to: 5 very top offers

More and more operators are offering 1 Gbps fiber. This speed, which a few years ago might seem unthinkable, has now become a very common speed, and that is why we can hire it for a fairly affordable price . In this article we review 5 very affordable rates that are not to be overlooked.

As we say, we are going to review 5 different operators, each with its own 1 Gbps rate. There are more operators than those on this list with that fiber speed, but we have chosen these because they offer great value for money between what they cost and what they offer.

You don't have 1 giga fiber because you don't want to

5 1 Gbps deals you shouldn’t miss

These 5 rates that we bring you today offer very good value for money if we take into account that they all have a 1 Gbps connection . In this list you will be able to find convergent offers, as well as fiber-only rates.


Orange is one of the operators that offers the best price for its 1 Gbps fiber. The rate in question has been offering only fiber, although if we want we can add television and football . The rate alone is priced at 40.95 euros, but with an active promotion with which we can take it away at a price of 30.95 euros per month for a whole year . If we decide that we want the fiber offer with television and football, the price will be 75.95 euros per month, although the first few months we will be paying 65.95 euros.

Fibra Orange

Regardless of the modality we choose, we will have to have a 12-month permanence, as well as a landline with unlimited calls to national landlines and 1,000 minutes to mobiles. The fiber offered by Orange is symmetrical, so we will have 1 Gbps both upload and download. In addition, with it we will receive a WiFi 6 router with smart WiFi .


Another operator that offers a gigabyte of internet connection is Vodafone, and in fact it does so at a very good price. The red operator also offers 1 Gbps of symmetrical fiber, and in this case a landline with unlimited calls to both mobiles and national landlines. This rate does not have a temporary promotion like the Orange one; however, it offers “as standard” a very good price forever: 41 euros per month .

Another great virtue that Vodafone offers is that its rate does not have any type of permanence associated with it, so we will have the option of leaving whenever we want if we are not comfortable with the service provided by the operator. Now, the installation of the fiber has a cost of 150 euros , which we can choose not to pay in exchange for staying for a whole year with the operator’s services.


If we look at O2, Movistar’s MVNO, we will see how it does not offer a fiber-only rate with 1 Gbps in its rates. However, it does in its convergent rates, which gives even more value to this particular rate. This offers, in addition to a 1 Gbps Internet connection, a mobile phone with unlimited calls and 100 Gb for browsing . In addition, we will have the possibility of contracting up to four additional lines with the same characteristics for only 15 euros per month each.

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In the event that any of our telephone lines spends the 100 GB of browsing, we can continue browsing at 64 Kbps at no additional cost. The installation and the router are totally free, and O2 offers these services without any kind of permanence , which is great news.


We went from one MVNO to another, in this case Orange. Jazztel is also offering its 1 Gbps fiber, and it does so in both fiber-only and converged modes. In simple mode, Jazztel has a rate with 1 Gbps of Internet and a landline without calls, in which we will have to pay for everything we talk (for 3 euros more per month we will have unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles). If, instead, we want a convergent rate, we will have the possibility of taking it with a 30 GB mobile line or with two with 24 GB of data to share.


Focusing on the fiber only rate, which is the cheapest, we have a great rate with a very fast connection for only 30.95 euros per month , the definitive price. In this case, the rate would have a permanence of 9 months, and we would also have the option of contracting Jazztel TV for 4.95 euros per month.


We close this list of top 1 Gbps fiber rates with the Romanian operator Digi. This operator has two different 1 Gbps rates, and whether we can access one or the other will depend on where we are residing. If we are in one of the few cities where this operator currently offers its own fiber, we can contract the 1 Gbps fiber for only 20 euros per month. However, if we are not in these cities, we will have 30 euros per month for it .

Digi Móvil

In the case of Digi, these rates do not require us to pay for the installation, and we will have a permanence commitment of only 3 months . These rates do not include landline, but we can add it to the rate by paying 1 euro more per month, or 3 to have unlimited calls and 500 minutes of international calls.