YACReader: Program to Improve the Quality of PDFs and Comics

When speaking of documents focused on office automation, if there is one of the formats that over the years has become basic, those are PDFs . These are used in all kinds of environments, both personal and more professional, including for official documentation.

For those of you who don’t know, you have to know that in this case we are referring to a versatile office file format that, among other things, is characterized by the wide content support it has. And it is that in PDF we have the possibility of using, without any problem, multimedia content such as images or videos, rich text, hyperlinks, tables , digital signatures, etc.

YACReader: Program to Improve the Quality of PDFs

Due to all this, this is a format that is currently used in all kinds of environments, including official ones. In fact, it has also become an excellent file type for long-term documentation storage tasks. But in the same way, PDFs can be used in the education sector or in a personal capacity for the management of own documents. But that yes, be that as it may, in all of these what we must take great care of is the quality of display that they will have.

YACReader, a program to open and read PDFs and comics

And it is that if we are going to save certain documentation, present it to some official establishment, or simply for own use, if it does not look good, it is a problem. That is why we must treat these files in the best way, for which we can use some specific applications for it.

Due to everything discussed, in these same lines we are going to talk about a very useful application in these tasks. Specifically we will talk about the application called YACReader . What’s more, in addition to PDFs, this is a program designed to be able to read our favorite digital comics .

Formatos cómics YACReader

Actually we are talking about a software solution that has been with us for a few years and that offers very interesting functions for these files. To begin, we will tell you that in the middle of the installation process, YACReader gives us the possibility of directly associating the CBR and CBZ file formats with it. As many of you may already know, these two correspond to the most widespread comic formats today.

YACReader correction functions

One of the most interesting aspects of this program is that it allows us to easily adjust some important parameters. Specifically, these are going to be very helpful when making PDF files or comic books to be treated more readable. Of course, at the same time this will help increase the display quality of these.

The truth is that we cannot affirm that the user interface presented by this proposed software is particularly attractive. However the interesting thing is inside. Thus, once we download and install it in Windows, we find an almost clean interface.

Interfaz YACReader

As we can clearly see, just press the O key to open a compatible comic file, or a PDF. At the same time, at the top of it, we find a series of small buttons that are what interest us in this case. At first, we must know that a good part of these shortcut buttons will be used to move between the pages that make up the loaded document . At the same time they will serve to zoom, adjust the display, or make reading as comfortable as possible.

But it can be the case that the documents we upload here are not legible enough, or at least not as we would like. That is why the program itself puts at our disposal a series of functions that will help us with all this.

Corrects the brightness and contrast of PDFs and Comics

To do this, the first thing we do is take a look at the controls that appear at the top of the main interface of the program . Specifically, on the right side of it, we will see a button in the shape of a gear wheel that gives us access to the configuration options.

Abrir configuración YACReader

This will give us a new window that will allow us to make some changes to the document that we have previously loaded into the program. Serve as an example that from this same window we can customize the way the comics are viewed. Thus we adapt the interface of the program to our needs or preferences.

Leer cómics

Of course, in the case that concerns us here and in order to improve the visibility of the comic or PDF that we are about to correct, we are located in the tab called Image Adjustment. Here we will find the parameters we were looking for in the form of scroll bars . In this way and as we can already see first hand, from here we will have the possibility to adjust parameters of the importance of the brightness, contrast or gamma of the image of the previously loaded document.

Corregir brillo

At the same time it is worth knowing that as we move the scroll bars of any of the three parameters , the corresponding corrections are carried out in real time. This gives us the opportunity to directly check the changes that occur in the document display and thus be able to adjust as much as possible. At the same time it is worth mentioning that in the event that we have changed the original too much and know how to correct it well, we have a Reset button. This will allow us to return these settings to their original position to start again.

How to download YACReader for free

As we have seen, this is a very useful application on certain occasions, for example when adjusting the display levels of a PDF . But with everything and with it, to say that we find a veteran free application, so we can use it in Windows at no cost.

Therefore, in order to take advantage of the advantages it offers us, all we have to do is download the program from this link .