Discord: Communication App for Mac and iPhone

There are many communication applications that we have at our disposal to have conversations with friends or colleagues. Discord has been gaining much fame in recent years and is already a rival to Slack. In this article we tell you the main characteristics.

Individualized and group messaging

Discord is a great alternative to many other applications such as Skype since it has very similar features. You can add friends of yours to be able to have a video call or simply write in an individual chat as if it were WhatsApp or Telegram. Video calls can be group to hold meetings with acquaintances and even work. For this last activity, you can share your computer screen in a really easy way and you can even set the most important chats to have them always in view.

Discord: Communication App for Mac and iPhone

Within groups that can be created to do class work or simply to create a community of friends, threads can be created. In this way it is possible to follow a conversation within the chaos that can be generated within a group with different people. Adding reactions is also one of the options that it includes to be able to have an experience similar to that of Facebook when you react with different emoticons to a specific post.

Integration with video games and streaming

The vast majority of video games integrate wonderfully with video games. Discord was gaining strength thanks to the gamer world and although it has already been extrapolated to many branches such as the workplace, it is still deeply rooted in its origins. The service is designed especially for online games such as League Of Legends, since in the same interface of the game a small section appears with the members of the game as well as a signal when they are talking to identify them.


It includes a streamer mode that is designed to be able to erase all the personal information that you do not want to appear in one of your live shows. It also integrates perfectly with the OBS recording program to be able to capture the sound in an optimal way. With a simple key you can activate or deactivate the communication with the group chat with the aim of addressing your audience without being heard in the group call that you are making with other people participating in a video game or simply in a chat.

Communities on Discord

The Discord service is very focused for the communities of friends or subscribers. There are many YouTube or Twitch channels that have created a server to interact with all its users. Thanks to the integration of different streaming platforms such as Twitch , servers can be created only for specific people such as users who support you financially. Through this server you can make important announcements or create a communication channel for people who are within the same community. Such is the integration with Twitch that you can schedule alerts when you start a live or simply that users can use the emoticons you have configured.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to video game communities only, it’s also open to work communities. The operation that Discord has is very similar to that of Slack, also having channels that allow a much more efficient organization of all conversations.

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You can also access communities that are fully public. There are many different options such as specific series or current affairs to be informed at all times or discuss this topic with other like-minded people. One community that worked quite well was the Game of Thrones community that allowed all of its fans to meet and communicate.


As we have previously mentioned, there is the possibility of creating channels with the aim of dividing the conversations. You can have a channel to talk about books, for example, another to talk about life in general or video games. Within a working community, the different areas of the office can also be organized by channels, giving people who have something of a connection only those channels. Within the channel you can talk about as many topics as you want and create your own threads as a result of the answers that are given. A channel can be a real mess but thanks to these threads you can easily follow a conversation. In addition, the conversation can be transferred at any time to an individualized chat.

Within the channels you can name a specific person so that they can respond quickly as they will always miss a notification. And speaking of notifications, having many active channels can fill your devices with a multitude of notifications, and that is why each one can be silenced individually.

Voice chats

In addition to channels where you can only write to colleagues and friends, you can also create voice chats. Within these special chats you can talk using the microphone and the camera, something ideal for holding meetings or simply for having a relaxed conversation. Access to these chats can also be restricted for specific users, so you can have private meetings without disturbing other users.

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Cross-platform application

Something very positive about Discord is that it can be used on any platform and on any operating system. It is fully compatible with macOS and is also present in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Windows is not spared either, this being the platform where it is used the most thanks to the gaming community. It also has a web version that does not make us download the application directly to our computers, but without a doubt, to get the best experience, it must be installed.


Discord is completely free to use, but improvements can be obtained within the application for servers. These improvements are aimed at having a better experience especially in sound and having a personalized badge. Also the upload limit for the members of a server will be improved so that sharing multimedia files will be much easier.

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