Xiaomi Phones: How to Choose the Default Payment Method

For years you can pay with our mobiles in thousands of establishments. And with the pandemic, this use of the telephone has become more widespread than ever, since it avoids direct contact between people. The payment possibilities from our mobile have also increased, with more possibilities available. Today we tell you how to choose a payment method on your Xiaomi mobile .

NFC is one of those features that cannot be missing from our mobile phones. If you are thinking of buying one, you should make sure it has it. Simply because thanks to this you can use your phone like a real credit or debit card.

Pay with the phone

With the arrival of the pandemic, those users who have been reluctant to use the telephone as a credit card have diametrically changed their minds, realizing that it was much easier and above all safe to pay in stores in this way, without contact some with the establishment. Xiaomi mobiles increasingly incorporate this NFC connectivity , even in the lower ranges, since its usefulness is almost essential today. And if you have a mobile with this connectivity, you will like to know that there are different alternatives to configure its use on the phone. And that we do not have to limit ourselves to a payment method with the phone, but we can choose other alternatives.

Google Pay

But these functions are not available where you think, in the default apps area, but it is in another more hidden section where we can access these settings. These allow us to choose a specific form of payment that will be activated by default when our phone approaches a dataphone equipped with this ” Contactless ” technology that we find in all businesses where you can pay with a credit card. There is a simple way to configure it on our Xiaomi phone.

So you can choose the default app in each situation

There are many payment platforms. On the one hand, each bank usually has its own app and platform to make payments with the phone, so we can choose to make payments in this way. We can also choose a more universal payment platform, such as Google Pay , which brings together payment with different banks and cards of all kinds in the same platform. In order to choose a default payment method on our Xiaomi phone we must do the following:

  • Open your Xiaomi settings
  • Select “Connect and share”
  • Click on “Touch and pay”
  • Go to “Default payment application”

pago móviles Xiaomi

Once inside, what we must do is choose the “Default payment application” by clicking on its button. Once we do, we will see all the payment apps installed on our Xiaomi. In this case, as you can see, we can choose between three payment methods, one is Google Pay, the other is the BBVA bank app, and the other is a card from a bank card from a well-known merchant. So if we choose Google Pay, when you bring the phone closer to the dataphone, the payment will be automatically activated with the default card that we have configured in Google Pay. In the case of choosing the bank, the payment with which we have selected by default will also be activated, if this is not possible.

pago móviles Xiaomi

There is another option underneath, called “Use default application” that also allows us to choose what happens when the phone is brought closer to a dataphone in an establishment. And is that if, for example, we have activated by default the payment of Google Pay with a certain card by default, but at a given moment we want to pay with a different one, this functionality is basic. Since we have two options:

  • Replace application: this allows us to use the application that we have opened at that moment instead of the one that is configured by default. In this way, we would pay, for example, with the BBVA app if it is open and active in the foreground at the time of payment. So if at any given moment you understand that it is better to pay with another card, you just have to open its app and bring the phone closer to the dataphone.
  • Always use the default application: with this function, even if we have the bank’s app open in the foreground, we will pay with the one we have configured by default, for example Google Pay.

pago móviles Xiaomi

Choose the most appropriate method at all times

In this way, something that unfortunately happens a lot will not happen to you, making the wrong payment method at certain times when we would like to use an alternative one. The best without a doubt is to use the first option, which will replace the default app when another is open. In this way we will always know that we either pay with the one we have designated by default, or with the one we have chosen to open at that time. There will be no room for errors, so common in certain cases where we are not very clear how the phone will react.

Google Pay

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

At least Xiaomi mobiles have enough options in MIUI to be able to access the preferred payment method at all times. At the moment, Xiaomi mobiles do not offer us the possibility of adding payments to the lock screen, as we already see in other manufacturers, but of course it offers enough options to be able to customize the way of interacting with the phone to our liking. time to pay, which we do more and more times every day.