Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini: Design, Features and Prices

Xiaomi has a wide variety of sound devices, including speakers and headphones. The company’s Bluetooth speakers have a good quality / price ratio, and today they have launched a very cheap and compact one, ideal to always carry on, whether on foot or by bicycle.

Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker mini: the little brother with 10 hours of battery

The speaker, called Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker mini , has a compact size and has IP55 resistance . This means that we can use it without fear outdoors, in addition to being able to place it in the shower where it best suits us.

Of course, when charging, it is necessary that the port is dry to avoid damaging the speaker. With this feature, this becomes the first Xiaomi compact wireless speaker to incorporate water resistance, thus adding to the speaker they launched a few months ago with a larger size and same aesthetics.

The battery inside has 2,000 mAh , and offers a duration of up to 10 hours at 60% volume. A point in favor of the speaker is that it uses USB C connector, where it seems that Xiaomi is also starting to bet on this connector on the new peripherals that it is launching to save us having to carry two types of cable on top.


The speaker connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0, which reduces energy consumption. It is compatible with the HFP, A2DP and AVRCP protocols. Being Bluetooth 5.0 , it is possible to use two speakers at the same time, being able to use them as if they were stereo speakers and achieve even better sound quality. It is recommended that the speakers be between 50 and 120 cm apart from each other to avoid interference or cuts in the sound.

Its design is the same as that of the large speaker

With the loudspeaker we can also answer and hang up calls with a single touch, since it has a built-in microphone with high sensitivity and integrated echo cancellation. Unfortunately, the speaker does not have a jack connector, although it is barely used to connect the phone because it is more convenient to do it with Bluetooth. And also because less and less mobiles integrate the connector, unfortunately, as Xiaomi itself does in its high range.

The weight of the speaker is also very small, with only 185 grams; similar to what a mobile phone weighs like the Mi 9 Pro. The speaker dimensions are 86 x 86 x 45 mm. Its price is 99 yuan, about 13 euros to change . It is already on sale in China, and we will surely see it for sale in Spain throughout this year.

Xiaomi also launched a few months ago the largest version of this speaker for 199 yuan, about 26 euros to change. The speaker also had a USB C connector and IP55 protection. Inside it has a 52 mm speaker and has 360º omnidirectional sound, in addition to a 2,600 mAh battery with a duration of up to 8 hours of use. It also has Bluetooth 5.0, so it can be used in conjunction with another equal speaker, or with the mini they launched today.