Xiaomi Mi MIX with Liquid Lens: What is it and How Does it Work?

On March 29, Xiaomi has an appointment with all its fans in which it will present the new Mi MIX , a terminal that in each generation usually stands out for incorporating an absolutely innovative element with which to define the future of the company. Well, this time they are going big, and they have focused on photography.

A liquid lens

Xiaomi Mi MIX with Liquid Lens

Liquid lens technology has been sounding like the mobile photography revolution in recent years. It is a technique inspired by the human eye that would allow an optics to focus automatically without the need for mechanical parts, which would achieve a much faster and more precise focus, also being able to enjoy various focus lengths without the need to use several cameras . Thus, we could take a macro photo and a zoom photo with a single lens.

How does it work?

Although its name refers to water, we are not actually going to find any of the dangerous liquid inside the phone. The technology would be based on a special glass that together with a conductive material would be able to modify its shape with the help of different voltages to change the shape of the lens from concave to convex depending on the desired focus and zoom.

With a lens with this, the camera module that you get would be much smaller than normal, so the thickness that could be reached in the terminal would be quite tight. On the other hand, the focus speed would be very fast, so we would be talking about a camera that would be able to shoot at quite a speed.

Will the Mi MIX be the first liquid lens phone?

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

Xiaomi’s idea is to present its new Mi MIX on March 29. The company has left several messages without any. Kind of mystery on his Weibo profile, pointing to technology as the main protagonist of the presentation. Taking into account the characteristics of the lens, it is very possible that the future phone will present a single camera, so we will have to see what technical flourish the new Mi MIX presents at the design level, since it will surely surprise also in aesthetics.

A model to innovate

Over the last few years, the Mi MIX range has presented many features that were surprising for their innovation. The first generations stood out for offering almost invisible frames that allowed the screen to be taken to the ends of the device. Later they incorporated the vibration loudspeaker that allowed calls to be heard through the screen without the need for holes or visible components, eliminating components such as the front camera or the proximity sensor. Finally, the Mi MIX Alpha presented the idea of ​​an end-to-end curved screen that allowed to surround the entire body of the phone as if it were a wrapper. It is a design that remained as a conceptual design, so we will see if it will have something to do with the launch of this liquid lens camera.