The Xiaomi Mi 12 Will Have a Brutal Power

Xiaomi Mi 12 Will Have a Brutal Power

Speaking in Christian, the Solid State Technology Association JEDEC has just announced the new JESD209-5B standard for DRAM memory. On paper, we are talking about the 5th generation of low-power RAM memory modules working at double speed (LPDDR5), known as LPDDR5X. And this is the RAM that we would find in the Xiaomi Mi 12 . Almost nothing.

The LPDDR5X memory modules have three main changes coming to the current generation LPDDR5. The first is increased speed from 6400 Mbps to 8533 Mbps. Additionally, TX / RX equalization improves signal integrity, and new adaptive update management improves system reliability.


Power to spare for the Xiaomi Mi 12 with LPDDR5X

According to a new leak, the Xiaomi Mi 12 will launch with this new memory specification. But it is that, in addition, the future flagship of the Chinese brand will have inside it the latest generation Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 898 that has not yet been presented (and of which we do not even know if this will be its final name. If this leak is fulfilled, the Mi 12 may be the first smartphone to use this type of memory and, therefore, be one of the most powerful smartphones of 2022.

xiaomi mi 12 concepto

Although its name is not known, it is expected that this CPU has an architecture of four 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 clusters with a working frequency of 3.09 GHz. The first Kryo 780 core would be based on Cortex-X2 , at the same time that the rest would do so in Cortex-710, Cortex-510 (high frequency) and A510 (low frequency but high energy optimization). Other details of this processor is that it will be built using the Samsung and TSMC 4nm process.

More high-quality details for the top of the Xiaomi range

To these spectacular specifications, focused on power, it would be necessary to add the more than possible presence of a 200 MP camera as the main sensor of the photographic component of the phone. It is a 1-inch sensor, the largest in the industry, which would have 16-in-one pixel technology to achieve a shooting effect equivalent to a 12MP sensor and not occupy an excessive size of the phone’s memory.

At the moment it is too early to know when we will be able to confirm all the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi 12 but if the brand follows the strategy of its last great top of the range, it should be officially launched in the last days of the year.