Xiaomi launches a new 3.1 soundbar for Smart TV

Xiaomi launches a new 3.1 soundbar for Smart TV

Xiaomi has a multitude of products in the Smart TV segment. In addition to its own cheap TVs, such as the new P1Es, the company also has several products related to sound. However, in Spain they did not have a sound bar for sale to date, but that changes as of today.

Xiaomi has announced the launch of the Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1ch , its new advanced sound bar that has three independent channels included in the bar itself, to which is also added the subwoofer that is placed separately. In total we have seven audio drivers, with three full-range speakers, three tweeters for the treble, and the 6.5-inch subwoofer itself.

Powerful bar with all possible connectivity

The soundbar has a total power of 430W . Of these, 250 W correspond to the subwoofer, while 180 W correspond to the sound bar. As for audio formats, it is compatible with Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual: X , so, unfortunately, we will have to wait to find Dolby Atmos sound in a Xiaomi bar. The bar has several sound modes depending on the content we are watching, to choose between music, movie, news or video game modes.

xiaomi soundbar 3.1ch

There is also a mode called ” AI Sound Mode ” that automatically adjusts the audio depending on the content we are playing. Finally, we have a night mode that allows you to listen to content more easily, but reducing the most annoying frequencies that neighbors or family may hear.

At the connectivity level we find Bluetooth 5.0, USB, coaxial, optical, HDMI In and HDMI Out , so we basically have all the available standards. The bar includes a knob to control the different audio modes, as well as to turn it off or change the audio mode. However, if we have a TV with HDMI or Bluetooth, we can comfortably control the volume with the remote itself.

We also have in the upper right an area with the NFC logo. If we put the mobile on top, we can directly listen to the music on the bar. Just below, in the mesh part of the speaker, we have a small OLED matrix that shows information about the bar, such as the volume.

There are similar bars for the same price

Its price will be 249 euros at launch , to later rise to 279 euros . It will arrive in Spain in December. Until now we only knew about its worldwide launch, but at least now we know that we will be able to buy it next December to improve the sound quality in our living room. The price is not excessively groundbreaking, since for example there are sound bars like the Sony HT-S20R with 5.1 speakers and 400 W for 226 euros. We also have the HT-G700, a 3.1 bar with 400 W for 298.99 euros, and which is compatible with Dolby Atmos.