Xiaomi IQUNIX F96 Keyboard with Bluetooth and Cherry MX Keys

xiaomi-keyboardFrom time to time the Asian manufacturer surprises us with some solution different from the others. And this time, his new Xiaomi keyboard will make you fall in love. More than anything because it has a robust design, in addition to technical characteristics that will meet the needs of the most demanding users. Your name? IQUNIX F96.

As usual in this type of solutions, the Asian manufacturer has joined forces with IQUNIX , a Chinese company specialized in this type of products, to present a range of really interesting mechanical keyboards. And, one of the strengths of the Xiaomi F96, is that it has different models that vary aesthetically to offer you all kinds of options depending on your tastes.

Teclado Xiaomi IQUNIX F96

More details of the new Xiaomi IQUNIX F96 keyboard

At the aesthetic level, we find a model that stands out for offering very different colors to what we are used to. Yes, forget about the traditional black, since this model bets on the white, orange, green and sky blue tones, to offer a much more cheerful design. All framed in an anodized aluminum body to provide very premium finishes. The best? It has a dust layer that will prevent dirt from accumulating on the keyboard.

With dimensions of 372 mm x 123.5 mm x 43 mm , in addition to a weight of 1,250 grams, this Xiaomi keyboard has everything you need to meet the needs of any user. For starters, the manufacturer has opted for a mechanical design, where Cherry MX keys guarantee a more than successful keystroke. Ideal to enjoy all kinds of video games.

Diseño del teclado xiaomi IQUNIX F95

A great keyboard to take you anywhere

More, taking into account its angle of inclination designed to prevent you from getting tired after prolonged use. On the other hand, say that it has a total of 101 keys that guarantee a useful life of 50 million keystrokes. Come on, you have use for a while. Although, one of the most differentiating points of this mechanical keyboard comes with the fact that you can use it in two ways: by cable or wirelessly.

For this, this Xiaomi keyboard has a 4,000 mAh battery , in addition to Buetooth 4.0. With this, you are guaranteed to be able to connect it to three devices simultaneously. And yes, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, so you can use this IQUNIX F96 without any limitation.

The icing on the cake is set by your configuration options. Yes, this mechanical keyboard from the Asian manufacturer is fully programmable, so you can adapt it to any of your needs. Regarding the launch price, say that the firm has launched two different models: the version that only works with USB Type C cable, and that has a price of 988 yuan (about 129 euros to change), instead the more vitaminized version, which has Bluetooth 4.0 and USB Type C, reaches 1,288 yuan (about 168 euros to change).

A model of height and that will have to follow the track. Because if it ends up selling in Spain, it is a keyboard to consider.