How to Install New Fonts on Windows and Mac

install-new-fontsIf you are looking for the way to install and uninstall typographical fonts on Windows and Mac , we are going to show you how it is done along with the odd extra that may be interesting to you. So you can stop using the default system sources and, above all, that Comic Sans that is not ideal most times.

Typefaces and computers

Typefaces are the different styles or types of letters that can be chosen when making a design or writing a text. It is an art and knowing how to combine them properly is important, because depending on the type the same message can have different impacts. For example, who takes a text seriously in Comic Sans.

In computers the use of different fonts is already normal, but it was not until the first Mac when it began to be taken into account. Jobs said it was the first computer with beautiful letters on its interface. And it is likely that you have heard or read that story about his interest in typography during his university time and how he later influenced the Mac.

However, leaving aside who was the one who led to the use of different fonts in operating systems, let’s talk about how to install, uninstall and manage them on both Windows and Mac.

How to install and uninstall fonts in Windows

WIndows Fonts

To install new fonts on Windows, what you should do is the following:

  1. Click on start button and then on Run
  2. Type the command% windir% / fonts
  3. In the window that appears go to File menu and then to Install new source
  4. Select the Drive, Folder and source you want to install and accept.

If instead you want to uninstall fonts do this:

  1. Click on start button and then on Run
  2. Type the command% windir% / fonts
  3. Select the source you want to delete and go to File> Delete
  4. You only have to confirm and the source will be deleted from the system

This is the native option that you can use in Windows to manage typographical fonts, but you can also use specialized applications. Fontbase is one of them, a free tool that allows you to activate or deactivate the fonts that interest you, create collections according to the type or any other criteria that you determine as well as even differentiate by font providers.

How to install and uninstall fonts in macOS

Catalogo tipografico mac

In the case of Mac, this task of managing typographical fonts is somewhat simpler. macOS includes a default application called Typographic Catalog . Through this app you can perform this entire installation and uninstallation process.

Moreover, when you download a new typeface, if you double click on it, this application automatically opens so you can decide if you install it or just preview it to see how it is. However, if you are interested, you can also use Fontbase as it has a Mac version.

Resources to find new fonts


If you need a new typeface for your work, graphic projects and even a web page, there are many places on the internet to find new fonts . It is true that the best are sources of payment, but unless you want something very exclusive and specific, some websites have such a wide catalog that it is difficult to think that you will not find one that convinces you.

Among the classic pages of typefaces are the following:

There are many more, but with these you are sure to start with an envelope. And since we are talking about typefaces, there is a very good newsletter called Typewolf that every few days shares new types, uses and the occasional link of interest.

And remember, if you have an iPad you can also install many of these fonts to give the Apple tablet a larger catalog.