This Xiaomi Gadget Will Allow You to Exercise in Very Little Space

One of the great references when it comes to buying sports products at a good price is Xiaomi . Yes, the Asian manufacturer does not stop expanding its catalog with solutions to take care of your health. The last example? A new vibrating base that will allow you to exercise at home without taking up too much space.

And it is that, with measurements of only 520 x 350 x 150 mm and a weight of 10 kilograms , we are facing a product that you can store in any corner of your house and take it out when you go to do your exercise session. That yes, although it has a really restrained size, it must be said that its interior hides everything necessary to satisfy the needs of the most sporty users.

Xiaomi Gadget Will Allow You to Exercise inVery Little Space

More details of Xiaomi’s new vibrating base

Under the name RM-M1, the manufacturer has joined forces once again with Merach , a firm specialized in sports products and with which it has already signed the occasional high-level collaboration. Furthermore, as usual with this type of launch, Xiaomi has used its crowdfunding platform to launch this product for sale.

But how is it different from other vibratory bases? Well, to begin with it has six different modes, so you can choose the one that most interests you based on your needs. Are you coming back from work with tired legs? Relax mode will help you avoid discomfort. Do you touch a session to burn as much fat as possible? Well, do not hesitate and activate the sport mode to get the most out of its power.

In addition, you can do different exercises, because due to its design it is ideal for training the legs, arms and buttocks. Isn’t that enough for you? You should know that this model incorporates dumbbells on its sides, so you can train the upper body while strengthening your legs with the vibrating base.


Touch buttons and remote control

At the top is where the manufacturer has placed an LCD screen so you can see the rhythm you are carrying, in addition to different touch buttons with which to access all the available functions, such as the possibility of turning the vibrating base on and off, changing between the difficulty modes, pause and reactivate the activity … Isn’t that enough? As a second option you have a remote control available that will allow you to control any parameter remotely in a very simple way.

Regarding the price and availability of the new Xiaomi vibrating base , to say that this model can already be booked through Youpin at a price of 799 yuan, about 102 euros to change. A very interesting figure for such a complete product. Of course, it will be necessary to see if any distributor that makes shipments to Spain adds this product to practice sport in its catalog, because we are facing a solution that points out ways to be the best gym you can buy if you do not have space at home.