AirPods: Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Performance

Apple AirPods have revolutionized the wireless headphone market. Although they were not the first gadget of this type, they did set the trend with design, ergonomics and, above all, with its functionalities. And just that is what we came to talk to you about today. We tell you all the tricks, tips and features that you should know about AirPods .

How to know the battery level of AirPods

Something that, in principle, may seem very basic to you are the different ways there are to know the battery level of your AirPods. And it is that we have up to four different ways of knowing this data:

  • Open the box next to an iPhone : surely you will already know this method, since it is the most classic of all. When you open the box of your AirPods next to an iPhone or an iPad we will see a pop-up menu that is displayed from the bottom of the screen. There it indicates the charge level of the box and each of the headphones separately.
  • Access to the widget : although it is another of the most common ways, you should know that you can also know the battery level from the battery widget in the iOS menu. If this shortcut does not appear, just add it by clicking on edit within this menu.

  • Apple Watch : One of the ways to know the state of the battery of the headphones, and that many users are unaware of, is from the Apple smart watch. Here you have to unfold the control center of the clock and click on the battery level. In this menu you can see both the charge status of the watch and the headphones. Of course, you need to have synchronized the AirPods at least once with this accessory.
  • Use your voice : if you have the second generation of these headphones you can interact with Siri from them. Just ask the assistant about the battery level of the AirPods and Siri will indicate it through a command.

Knowing that we have all these ways to know the level of load, there is no longer an excuse to run out of it when we are away from home.

Adjust the volume of the AirPods

As with the charge level, there are up to four different ways to change the volume of our Apple headphones:

  • Volume buttons : This way has no complexity at all. Using the volume buttons with the AirPods connected we can raise and lower this feature from here.
  • Control center : this time we have to access the iOS control center that, if you remember, we swipe from the top right of the screen. here we can alter the volume of the headphones using the corresponding slider.
  • Apple Watch : We don’t need to use the iPhone to increase or decrease the intensity of the audio on the AirPods. Once we are playing the content we want, we can turn the crown of the Watch to modify the volume.

AirPods Tips and Tricks

  • Do it hands-free : in case you have second generation AirPods, you already know that you can speak directly with the assistant. You just have to ask Siri to download, upload or even stop the music to do it instantly.

AirPods that “float”

A little “trick” if you use AirPods with a Mac. Models like Macbook Pro or iMac have magnets around their screen. Therefore, if we bring these headphones closer to the edge of the panel, they will stay “stuck” thanks to the magnets and we can leave them there as a support while we carry out another task or we don’t have the charging box nearby.

Locate lost AirPods

If you can not locate where you put your headphones , you can find them through the app of “search” in iOS. Once inside the application, all you have to do is go to the devices section and all Apple products linked to your ID will be displayed there.

Selecting the AirPods you can see the last location registered in them and, what interests us in this case, you can make them reproduce a small sound to be able to locate them at home. Of course, this sound is not too powerful.

Change device AirPods

One of the best utilities if you have these headphones and other Apple products is the possibility of changing the connection between them quickly. You don’t need to unlink and re-link or anything like that. You just have to enter the Bluetooth options, select the AirPods and click connect. Quick, simple and uncomplicated.

As you can imagine, we can also use these headphones with non-Apple equipment . You just have to press the button on the back of the box to put them in pairing mode and, after this, look for them in the Bluetooth menu to make the connection. Although, you should keep in mind that none of the functions that we talk about in this article will be available in products that are not from the apple company.

Stand to support your iPhone

Another one of those tricks external to the AirPods but that, without a doubt, is quite original. If you are away from home and want to watch a YouTube video or enjoy a series on Netflix, you can use the charging case as a stand to place the iPhone in landscape mode.

Take out the headphones, put them on your ears and rest your phone between the top and bottom of the box. As simple as that.

Use AirPods as spy headphones

This trick became “viral” a few months ago and is that, although it is not the functionality for which it was designed, you can use your Apple headphones to listen to conversations at a distance.

Enter Settings / Control Center / Customize controls and add the Hearing function. Once this is done you can activate it from the control center and, when it is in use, you can leave your iPhone anywhere and listen to everything it captures with its microphones through the AirPods.

The Hearing function was created for those who have some kind of problem in their hearing. So, use this setting with caution and at your own risk.

Know who is calling you with the AirPods on

If a call comes in on your iPhone while wearing the headphones, you can know which contact it is thanks to this accessory. Activating the «announce calls from earpiece» function from Settings / Telephone, the AirPods will tell you the name of the contact who is making the call without having to have the smartphone nearby.

Modify AirPods touch settings

One of the big “drawbacks” that many users reported about these headphones is the absence of gestures. Although, if you did not know it, we can interact with them with tactile actions.

If you enter the Bluetooth menu and, here, touch the “i” next to the name of your AirPods you can enter their settings . Within this menu we can modify the name, the tactile functions (actions that will be carried out with a double tap), the automatic detection (so that the music pauses every time we remove one of them) or the earpiece that will use as a microphone.

Share everything you hear

Another of the functionalities that came to the AirPods with iOS 13 was the possibility of sharing what we are hearing with other devices, that is, connecting two AirPods at the same time on the same computer, for example. From the control center, pressing on the access to the reproduction, we will see the option to share “what sounds”. Once this function is activated, you just have to open other headphones next to your iPhone to link them and start using them at the same time as the first ones.

These are the best tricks you can do with your Apple headphones . Now you can get the most out of it and take its use to the maximum level. If you know of any other feature that we haven’t mentioned, we encourage you to leave us a comment with that trick so that we can all get to know it and get more out of AirPods.