Xiaomi Aimore Bluetooth Speakers: with Water Resistance and Low price

xiaomi-aimoreEvery so often, the Chinese manufacturer surprises us with some really useful new gadget. The Beijing-based firm is specializing in IoT products, a range of smart devices that make our daily lives much easier. And today, Xiaomi has introduced two new stereo bluetooth speakers that are ideal for carrying in the car’s glove compartment.

To carry out this new project, the Asian manufacturer has joined forces with the company Aimore Acoustics, with the intention of launching a product with excellent sound quality despite its limited dimensions. As usual, these new stereo bluetooth speakers from the firm have been presented through their collective financing platform, where they are being a total success.

imagen promocional de los Altavoces bluetooth Xiaomi Aimore

Xiaomi Aimore bluetooth speakers: IPX7 and a mini size

For starters, these two wireless speakers are sold in a pack of two units to offer you a truly achieved stereo sound. And eye, that this new gadget is also compatible with Xiao AI, the voice assistant created by Xiaomi. One of the strengths of this new gadget of the Asian firm comes with its measured dimensions. More than anything because these speakers offer a height of only 51.8 mm, in addition to a radius of 43.75 mm. Come on, which is an ideal product to wear in the car’s glove compartment.

imagen promocional de los Altavoces bluetooth Xiaomi Aimore

To this, add your 450 mAh battery, which promises a range of more than 10 hours. Don’t you think it’s enough? Well, you know that they have IPX7 certification , this way you can take this pair of Xiaomi bluetooth speakers to the beach or to the pool, since they can be submerged without major problems. In addition, its design is prepared to float, so you should not worry about anything.

diseño interno de los Altavoces bluetooth Xiaomi Aimore

Of course, somewhere they have had to cut costs, since its charging port is Micro USB. At the sound level, its restrained size means that it cannot incorporate too powerful drivers, but instead they have integrated DRC algorithms to offer a fairly interesting equalization level.

As usual, the launch price of these Xiaomi stereo bluetooth speakers is a joke. You can buy them in China for 79 yuan, about 10 euros to change. A really interesting figure for a device with these characteristics. Of course, unfortunately this product will not leave the Asian country. At least for now. Now, just have a little patience and wait for the Chinese giant to end up launching this product outside its borders. Or that a distributor that ships to Spain includes it in its catalog …