Xbox Series X or Series S Quality Compatible Headphones

The wait has been eternal, but finally we can buy the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. And the Redmond-based giant surprised by introducing two powerful models: the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

Undoubtedly, two devices with a graphic power that will allow you to enjoy high quality and that has little to envy the best gaming computers on the market. Of course, if you want to enjoy the best experience, we recommend that you buy a headset compatible with the Xbox Series X or Series S.

Reasons to buy headphones

Xbox Series X or Series S Quality Compatible Headphones

The advantages offered by headphones are manifold. To begin with, a sound device of this type achieves a greater sense of immersion. To begin with, the particular design of any gadget of this type allows you to isolate yourself from outside sounds.

To this must be added the fact that the sound reaches your ears directly , achieving a unique sensation. Not to mention other advantages of wearing a console headset: you will know the position of your opponents better. All thanks to different surround sound technologies that achieve great results in headphones.

Continuing with the advantages offered by this type of device, another of the most obvious has to do with coexistence. If you live with more people, they will know that it is not a good idea to play Call of Duty games while the other members are sleeping. It could be the firing of your gun, a random explosion or any other thunderous noise that causes anyone to wake up with a start. On the other hand, with a gaming headset you will enjoy an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt , in addition to being sure that you will not disturb anyone, regardless of the game you are using.

Details to be considered

Xbox Series X

When buying a headset to use with the new Microsoft consoles, a very important detail must be taken into account: they must be compatible with the Xbox Series X and Series S. It is true that this device offers backward compatibility with its predecessor, so any headset for Xbox One will work in the new generation. But so is the fact that many models will not work with this console.

Yes, it is true that the Xbox Series X and Series S have bluetooth connectivity. But it does not offer native support, but rather serves to link with certain peripherals. In this way, not all bluetooth headsets will be compatible. On the other hand, if you want a wired model, you will not have to worry about anything: you will only have to connect it to your Xbox controller and you will be able to listen to any sound through your headphones.

In summary, it is very important that the headphones are compatible with the latest Xbox, otherwise you will surely have problems when pairing it with your console.

Models to consider

Now that we know what to take into account when choosing headphones for your Xbox Series X or Series S, we bring you a complete compilation with ten models that will more than meet your needs. Models from renowned firms that guarantee support to work with this console and that guarantee an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt. They will more than meet your expectations!

ASTRO Gaming A50

Auriculares Xbox ASTRO Gaming A50

The first model that we want to recommend you is the impressive A50 from ASTRO. Some headphones that have an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt, support for the main sound systems, as well as a microphone so you can communicate with your friends comfortably. And yes, they are Microsoft certified headphones, so they will be perfectly compatible with your Xbox Series X and Series S.

JBL Quantum ONE

JBL Quantum ONE

The manufacturer JBL is one of the great references when it comes to buying a gaming headset for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And these JBL Quantum ONE are one of the most complete you can buy. A product compatible with the Microsoft console and that boasts all kinds of technologies to enjoy the best acoustic landscape.

ASTRO Gaming A40TR

ASTRO Gaming A40TR

We return to the manufacturer ASTRO, since it is one of the great references in the gaming peripherals sector. And in this case we want to recommend headphones that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. Its main weapons? An exquisite design together with an acoustic landscape that will leave you with your mouth open.

Razer Thresher

Razer Thresher

We couldn’t create such a compilation without some Razer product being included. Another first sword when buying a gaming product thanks to its complete catalog. And these Razer Thresher headphones boast 50mm drivers for the best sound.

Logitech G935

auriculares gaming Logitech G935 de frente

And what about the impressive Logitech G935, headphones compatible with the Xbox Series X and Series S and that stand out for offering great surround sound, so you don’t lose detail in your favorite games.

Corsair HS75 XB

Corsair HS75 XB

We went to the manufacturer Corsair to recommend the Corsair HS75 XB helmets. A model with a built-in microphone and licensed by Microsoft so that you have the guarantee that you can use them with their new generation consoles.

SteelSeries Arctis 1

Controles en los auriculares gaming Steelseries Arctis 1

Continuing with this compilation of the best headphones you can buy to enjoy the best sound while playing with your Xbox Series X or Series S, we could not miss the opportunity to recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 1, resistant and ergonomic helmets , so you can wear them for hours without worrying about a thing.

HyperX HX-HSCFX-BK / WW CloudX Flight

HyperX HX-HSCFX-BK/WW CloudX Flight

Another model with an unpronounceable name, but quality beyond doubt are the HyperX HX-HSCFX-BK / WW CloudX Flight. A gaming headset certified by Microsoft, so you can use these helmets with your Xbox console without major problems.

Razer Kaira

Auriculares Xbox Razer Kaira

The latest model from the Razer firm that we want to recommend you, is their Razer Kaira headphones. An easy-to-use model that offers high-quality sound for less than you might imagine.

Corsair HS50 Pro Stereo

Corsair HS50 Pro Stereo

We close this compilation with the best headphones you can buy to squeeze your Microsoft console with the Corsair HS50 Pro Stereo. A model that boasts a surprising acoustic landscape despite its low price. Add to that the fact that these headphones are very comfortable to wear and you have a product that won’t disappoint you at all.