Xbox Alternate Ports: Open NAT on Two Consoles on the Same Network

The moderate NAT problem is still a headache for many Xbox users. Without the proper configuration, users could have connection problems when finding a game and connecting to servers, so the solution is to open the ports so that the console can work correctly. But what happens when we have two consoles at home and we want to play at the same time?

Two consoles and a port

Xbox Alternate Ports

As we already explained in our guide to open the Xbox ports, you need to enter the configuration of our router to be able to reserve a specific port to the corresponding IP with our Xbox. In this way, the input requests that come through that port will be directed immediately to our console, thus allowing us to connect with other players without any problem.

If you are still not sure how the issue of ports works on Xbox, we recommend that you take a look at our tutorial to learn how to open the ports of the router for Xbox.

With the theory learned, there is a detail that you should take into account, and that is that you cannot open the same port for two different devices. This causes that at the time of having two identical devices connected to the same network we cannot have both using the same port at the same time, so we will have to decide which unit is the one that connects correctly to the internet. Does this mean that I can’t have two Xboxes connected to Xbox Live without experiencing Moderate NAT ? Not so fast.

Alternative Xbox Live ports

Puerto alternativos Xbox

Someone at Microsoft must have thought that in more than one home there will be more than one console, and that is that just by having an Xbox One and a shiny new Xbox Series X we can already find ourselves with the problem. Luckily, in the configuration panel there is an option that will allow you to avoid this problem, since in the network settings there are some alternative ports that allow us to connect to Xbox Live without problems.

The idea is that we leave one of the consoles using the default port for Xbox Live, 3074 (UDP and TCP), while in the second console we will have to select one of the alternative ports that the Microsoft network offers. The available ports are as follows:

  • 49222
  • 51406
  • 53590
  • 54410
  • 56594

How to select an alternate port on Xbox

To choose between one of the 5 alternative options to port 3074, you will only have to access the configuration panel of your console and enter the network options. This is the route to follow:

  • Enter your console settings
  • In the General section, select the option ” Network Configuration
  • On this screen you must select ” Advanced Settings
  • And once inside, select ” Alternative port selection
  • On the next screen you will have to choose between the automatic selection (port 3074) or the manual one, which will offer us a drop-down with the available port options. Select Manual and choose the port you want to use.

No matter the port you choose, any of them will help you connect to Microsoft’s servers without problems. Now you only have to configure your router so that the IP of this Xbox has the port you selected in the last step open.

What problem can we find?

Having the port open and enjoying Open NAT will not prevent you from encountering other known connection problems. In the case of Call of Duty Warzone , the Activision game makes use of a series of fixed ports that do not offer alternatives, so in the case of some games you will have no other option but to suffer from moderate NAT within the game itself in a of the two consoles.