Xayn Launches a Search Engine to Maintain Privacy

Maintaining privacy when we search the Internet, visit websites, use services and platforms, is very important. We already know that our personal information has great value on the network and can be used by third parties to profit, include us on spam lists or even impersonate us. We have at our disposal many programs and tools that help us preserve data. In this article we are going to talk about a search engine launched by Xayn to improve privacy.

Xayn launches a search engine to improve privacy

It is precisely when conducting a search on the Internet that we can expose our data. It can be used by trackers to find out about our tastes, collect what sites we visit, what product we have searched for … In short, make use of information that may be exposed on the net.


Undoubtedly in Spain the most popular search engine is Google, although there are many more options. We saw on another occasion search engines to improve privacy. There we saw some like DuckDuckGo, for example. This time we echo an application that Xayn has launched to perform searches in complete privacy.

This new application from Xayn that focuses on privacy, also combines it with personalization based on preferences to be able to offer search results that are more adapted to what we really want. All this without exposing our personal data.

It is based on Artificial Intelligence research to protect privacy and maintain transparency. Among other things, the application allows you to keep control of the search algorithm.

Keep in mind that it is a tool optimized for mobile devices. We already know that nowadays the use of mobile phones or tablets to surf the net has gained much importance and sometimes even surpasses the computer. Hence, this program is designed to work on a touch screen in a fluid and intuitive way.

We can sort the results according to interests . For example, group them into sports, science, history … According to what we are going to look for and the topics that most interest us, they appear first. This way we can have more personalized and optimized results.

Additionally, with Xayn users can customize features like turning on AI to deliver unique search results and can turn it off if they don’t want the feature.

Xayn, el buscador basado en la privacidad

Maintain privacy when searching

Regardless of the search engine we use, we can take into account certain tips to preserve anonymity and not expose more information than necessary. In this way our data will always be safe and we will not have problems.

An example is the use of VPN services. Very interesting when we surf from public Wi-Fi networks and we do not want our data to be exposed. What this type of program does is encrypt the connection and hide the real IP address.

We must also take into account the importance of security programs. A good antivirus can prevent intruders in our system, that we get infected with malware that can collect data. In addition, having updated equipment will also help maintain privacy by preventing certain vulnerabilities from being exploited.

In short, this Xayn application joins the different search engines that we have available and that are based on privacy. One more alternative to protect our personal information when browsing the Internet. We can see all the information on your website .