Wordcraft, Google’s AI that makes it easy to be a successful writer

In some sections, artificial intelligence or AI is replacing human creativity, or at least trying to. Over the last few years we have seen some clear examples, many of them related to the photo editing sector. Google is currently testing a new tool of this type focused on writing.

It must be recognized that the aforementioned artificial intelligence applied to different software sectors is sometimes extremely useful to us. A clear example of all this can be found in those AI functions that are currently applied to photo or video editing programs. While this sector of software in particular was limited to a few professionals only a few years ago, today it is within the reach of the majority.


With this, what we really want to tell you is that at this time we can carry out multimedia content editing tasks, almost effortlessly. Thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence technologies we achieve almost professional results automatically. There is no doubt that this is of great help for inexperienced users in this type of work. It is also worth mentioning those tools with which we can create images from certain text phrases .

However, in this case we are not going to talk about photo editing, but rather about creating creative texts. Specifically, we are referring to a new project that Google has begun to work on and which it has called Wordcraft with which it is intended to create fiction novels automatically. At the same time, we ourselves can enter our own phrases so that the AI-based tool improves them.

Wordcraft will not replace writers, for now

This means that new writers could perhaps take a look and try this tool to improve their novel projects. However, at this time and after the tests carried out by some writing professionals, they assure that Wordcraft will not replace the current authors at the moment. Perhaps in the distant future, artificial intelligence will evolve in such a way that it is capable of creating stories from certain terms with quality to replace a human.

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However, it must be taken into account that at this time and at the point where the AI is, this is not possible. Yes, it can be used for certain phrases that we can take advantage of or ideas for possible stories . But to think that Wordcraft is capable of developing a valid novel on its own from start to finish taking advantage of its artificial intelligence, at the moment is science fiction. In addition, and also based on the tests carried out, the conclusion that this project can also help to give a different approach to a novel already written.

With everything and with it, it must be taken into account that this is a Google project that is in its initial phase. Everything indicates that the search giant will continue to work on it just as AI has been growing in other software sectors. Now we just have to wait what the future holds in this regard and if the writers will find stiff competition in artificial intelligence.