Word Templates for Designing Custom Letters

There are programs that could be considered iconic in the software sector, something that has been happening for years. This is the case of Microsoft Word , the most used and well-known text editor in the world that is found in a good part of the computers. In this case we want to focus on an important section, Word templates, specifically those that will help us write all kinds of personal letters.

As perhaps most of you already know first-hand, this is a program that is characterized by everything it offers us when working with texts . And it is that when talking about the office automation sector in general, for several years one of the main references here is Microsoft’s Word. It could be said that it is the best known and most used text editor in the world. At the same time it does not stop growing and improving thanks to the updates that Redmond implements.

Designing Custom Letters

All of this that we are discussing is due to several very important reasons, all despite the fact that this is a paid program that comes with the Office suite . Despite the fact that we have other very powerful applications of this type at our fingertips, and for free, Word continues to lead the way. There are innumerable functions that it presents to help us, many of enormous utility. But to all this is added the large number of additional elements that we can use here. This is the case of Word templates to create letters that we will talk about next.

Usefulness and advantages of using Word templates

It is possible that some of you have already used these elements in the past, we refer to Word templates. If not, we will tell you that we are talking about a series of pre-designed documents that will help us save a good amount of time and effort. Therefore, these templates that we use when working with the Microsoft program are predesigned documents that we use as a basis for new ones.

Designing Custom Letters

Thus, in these documents we find elements related to a specific type of design depending on the theme to which they are addressed, in this case, the letters. In this way, for example, below we are going to focus on the cards of all kinds that you can create from here and that we use for a multitude of things. These templates that we are talking about offer us samples of them already pre-designed and also with taste and in an attractive way in most cases. We would only have to customize them in the editor and enter our data. And it is that these pre-designed documents serve as a basis to save us work, but we must also work on them to customize them to the maximum.

Word templates to design spectacular personal letters

We have to know that the templates that we are talking about and that we can use in Word are provided by Microsoft itself. At the same time on the Internet , looking a bit, we have others to download created by other users, sometimes free, sometimes paid. In this case we will show you some Word templates for letters that you find when you start the program as such.

Personal letterhead

First of all, we find a useful template in the form of a letter for a multitude of purposes that we can customize to the maximum. It is not complex, but it is very useful thanks to the upper and lower designs that it presents to us from the outset.

Membrete personal

Earth tone letterhead

Here we find another clear example of a formal letter with a predefined design that we can also use and customize for all types of communications. Its design has a clear professional approach with a header that allows us to enter all kinds of personal data, even a company logo.

Membrete con tonos de tierra

Letterhead for kids

You just have to take a look at this template to realize that it was designed for the smallest of the house. Thus, it shows us all the necessary elements, both in terms of content and design, so that it can be used by children , all in an entertaining and fun way.

Membrete para niños

Purple graphic letterhead

When using Word templates to create a letter that really stands out, this is a prime example of it all. We find a document that we can customize and use in all types of environments and that will help us to attract the attention of the recipient. This is largely due to the color tones used in its design, and to its text structure .

Membrete con gráfico púrpura

Business letter

But if what we are looking for is something a little more discreet, but attractive and all in a formal way, Microsoft offers us the template called Business Letter . As you can imagine, this document has a clear corporate focus with a graphic upper part, the body of the text, and the company fields in the lower part.

Carta de negocios

Letter to santa claus

Once we have read the name of this other Word template to create personalized letters, there is little more to say about it. It presents a more than adequate design so that children have the opportunity to create and write their Christmas letter asking for gifts.

Carta a Papá Noel Plantillas de Word

Contemporary cover letter

The search for a new job is something that is on the agenda, so there is little help in this regard. Therefore Microsoft also offers us a Word template for this purpose and thus have an attractive design entry to make ourselves known in the new company where we are looking for work. For this we see a side that draws attention especially where our most important personal data goes.

Carta de presentación contemporánea Plantillas de Word

Eighties letterhead

On the other hand, in case we want to give our personalized letter a more retro look, this is the perfect example. And it is that with this template for Word we find a more retro design that later allows us to enter personal data in order to give the letter that we are designing, a more original and striking appearance.

Membrete de los ochenta Plantillas de Word