Window Cleaning Robot: Models, Characteristics and Prices

Robot vacuum cleaners have become over time one of the most common devices in homes around the world. And it is that technology has made that today we can have different intelligent devices to help at home. But the truth is that they are not the only ones, since today there are other types of robots specially designed to help us in another important domestic task, window cleaning .

It is what we know as a window cleaning robot , a device specially designed to carry out an intelligent and efficient cleaning of our windows, partitions or glass. These types of devices are equipped with a suction pump that allows them to adhere to glass or smooth surfaces in complete safety for cleaning.

Window Cleaning Robot

A cleaning carried out using a microfiber cloth that is held at the bottom, just the one that remains adhered to the crystals. A job can be done both wet and dry. Depending on the model and its capabilities, a window cleaning robot can clean a surface by marking a route using its different sensors to automatically change direction.

Among the advantages that a window cleaning robot offers us, it should be noted that they allow us to clean all kinds of smooth surfaces without any physical effort on our part, since they do it autonomously. They are capable of cleaning glass, tiles, partitions, windows and other surfaces of this type. If you are thinking of buying one, below we show an interesting selection of window cleaning robots with different capacities and prices.

Smart window cleaning robots

Cecotec WinDroid 980 Connected

This Cecotec WinDroid 980 Connected is a window cleaning robot with intelligent navigation and a square design to clean every corner. Its constant movement of the mop is capable of removing even the most stubborn dirt for a truly professional result. It has an integral security system to avoid any accidental fall formed by different sensors and an app for remote control from the mobile.

Cecotec WinDroid 970

Smart robot wiper that cleans and dries with smart navigation for flawless cleaning. It includes a remote control and has an anti-fall safety system. This Cecotec WinDroid 970 performs a cleaning in five phases, moistens, descales, drains, rubs and dries. In addition, it also has five automatic cleaning modes and an automatic stop function when cleaning is finished.


This PRIXTON window cleaning robot has its own app available for iOS and Android that allows you to program cleaning routes from your mobile phone. It has a great suction power and is equipped with all kinds of sensors to avoid any fall. It is programmable, offers remote control from the remote control or from the mobile and its design is ultralight.


Smart window cleaning robot that we can control from our mobile through its own app. It has a powerful vacuum or suction motor to hold the robot and at the same time, suck the surface to remove all kinds of dirt and impurities, a laser sensor to detect the limits of the surface and even a centrifugal pump for cleaning a multitude of surfaces. .

Novohogar W-Clean900

This Novohogar model is a window cleaning robot that offers efficient cleaning and quick drying thanks to its wringing function. It has a frame detector sensor to move around the entire surface in complete safety and has a powerful suction motor, suction cup and safety anchor to avoid all kinds of accidental falls.

AlfaBot X7

This Alfabot X7 is a window cleaning robot model that has a water tank to clean all types of surfaces, windows, tiles, floors, etc. It has a triple security system with advanced AI technology and several sensors to detect the frames and limits of the surface to be cleaned. It has a powerful suction motor, we can control it remotely from the mobile thanks to its own app and a very slim design.


The Absolut Carbon Winclean robot is a high-performance intelligent window cleaning robot with three cleaning programs and sensors that are capable of detecting any obstacle in front of it or the window frames for maximum efficiency when cleaning and greater security. It has a hitchhiking function that stops the robot when cleaning is finished and offers high cleaning speed and suction power. Thanks to AI technology, it is able to calculate the best possible route to clean the surface as efficiently as possible.


This IKOHS model is an intelligent and automatic window cleaning robot that offers very efficient cleaning thanks to TechMap technology. It is capable of cleaning 1 square meter of surface in 4 minutes and performs a zigzag movement to better try to remove all types of dirt in its path. It has a safety system capable of detecting any air leak due to decompression that automatically makes the robot go back to avoid any fall. It uses two rotating mops that remove and shine any type of surface.


The Autuncity window cleaning robot is a model that has a high-power brushless motor and vacuum absorption to prevent it from falling. It has an intelligent planning route, performs zigzag movement and offers a high cleaning speed, only two minutes to leave 1 square meter of surface gleaming. It is also equipped with an anti-fall safety system in the event that the current or power is cut off or any other type of suddenness.

Cecotec WinDroid 870

Smart window cleaning robot with smart navigation to calculate the ideal route for a perfect cleaning. It has a powerful suction pump for maximum safety and is capable of cleaning all types of smooth surfaces. It has a triple security system to avoid all kinds of falls, smart navigation and four cleaning modes.