This Word function allows you to create a fake text

One of the elements that is never missing from our computer is a word processor. In this section there is one that stands out above others such as Word that we can find in its Office office suite. Office applications allow us to work with all kinds of functionalities, many of which are not used, either due to lack of time or knowledge. In Word, we have the possibility to create a fake text generated by the program itself.

And it is that when we speak of Word we do it of a tremendously complete program. The problem is that sometimes we are not able to take advantage of all the functions that it incorporates, because once we know its operation well, the Microsoft application stands out for its agility, speed and ease of processing.

Word function allows you to create a fake text

Sometimes we may need to fill in several paragraphs of text in order to perform different tests or make some adjustments to find the desired visual effect. For this, Word has a function that few know, such as the fictitious text generator with which we can create several paragraphs automatically in which we can embed as many lines as we need text.

Create random text in our own language

The functionalities of Word may never surprise us, even if we think that we already know everything. And it is that the Microsoft word processor allows us to create a random, coherent text in our own language as filler content of our document.

This is something that we can do with the formula for generating random content composed of several columns and sentences that the application itself provides. It is something that seems as implausible as it is easy to do, since it will only be necessary to type “= Rand ()” and press Enter. Thus, automatically, Word will instantly and magically create five paragraphs , each consisting of three lines .

Word crear texto falso

This Word trick will also allow us to customize the number of paragraphs and lines that we want to generate. This is something that we will easily do using the formula “= Rand (X, Y)” . In it, it will only be necessary to change the X for the number of paragraphs that we want to add and the Y for the number of lines. Thus, for example, if we write = Rand (4, 3) a random text with 4 paragraphs and 3 lines is automatically generated.

Generate random fake Latin text in Word

Creating a random text in our language can be a great idea. However, it may be that using a readable text in Spanish can distract our attention if what we are really interested in is the design of the document. In this case, Word allows you to use the text “Lorem ipsum” . This text is commonly used in graphic design for typography demos or drafts to test a visual design before inserting the text.

Word generar texto automáticamente en latín

The characteristic of Lorem ipsum is that it will generate the text in Latin. The method is very similar to the previous one. If we write “= Lorem ()” , five paragraphs with three lines are automatically created. Likewise, we can customize the paragraphs and lines by changing the number in parentheses.