Without spending a single Euro: how to have Twitch Prime for free

Among the different streaming platforms for streaming videos that we can find now, Twitch has become one of the most popular. Here, users from all over the world share their experiences in real time, whether playing games or carrying out many other tasks to attract followers.

The truth is that this type of online content has become commonplace for many users over time. Whether in the form of content creators or broadcast viewers, platforms like Twitch are the order of the day on mobile or desktop. Initially we have the possibility of subscribing to the service by opening an account on the platform completely free of charge. This way we can locate and watch the broadcasts of our favorite streamers.

how to have Twitch Prime for free

But of course, one of the main objectives of these content creators who launch themselves into the Twitch universe, in addition to gaining followers, is to have an economic benefit. As you can imagine, it is the followers or viewers of these broadcasts who can financially help these content creators or streamers. One of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve this is through the Twitch Prime subscription also known as Prime Gaming.

What we want to tell you with all this is that we have the possibility of paying a monthly subscription on the platform. This is something we do to help creators of content that we like, while also getting some advantages in the online service . Among the advantages that we will have, we can highlight access to games and content. In addition, we will have exclusive colors and emoticons to communicate with our favorite streamers. To this we add that we can chat with the exclusive crown emblem of Prime members.

How to get Twitch Prime without spending a euro

Well, then, we are going to talk about a simple way to benefit from these advantages and thus help our favorite issuers, all without paying a single euro. Obviously, for this, the first thing we do is open an account on the streaming video platform, something that will not cost us anything. Of course, in order to benefit from this free subscription to Twitch Prime , we must first associate our Amazon account here.

Once we have both platforms linked, we will be able to benefit from everything we have told you and subscribe for free to Twitch Prime or Prime Gaming. For all this, the first thing we are going to do is access the streaming portal in a conventional way with our account credentials. Next, what we will do is look for the streamer that we follow and who we want to thank for their work.

twitch suscripción

At first, after clicking on Subscribe, we will see that by default the cost of the subscription that we are discussing here is 3.99 euros . Also, precisely at this time there is a promotion with a discount of 20%, so the subscription would stay at 3.19 euros. But for the case at hand, what we must do is mark the selector that says Use Prime subscription. It should be noted that in this way we can use Twitch Prime for free for a whole month. Once that period of time has passed, we will have to pay the current cost at that moment, which without discounts will be 3.99.