How to know if the cloud is reliable if you upload your photos and files to the Internet

The use of cloud storage is very common and frequent. We can use it to create backup copies, have files always available or even exchange documents with other people. But of course, it is also important to choose what type of service we are going to use. Is the cloud platform you use secure? We are going to give some guidelines for you to take into account and you can see if the one you are using is trustworthy.

What to see to know if the cloud is reliable

What to see to know if the cloud is reliable

Simply by taking into account some details of the cloud storage service that you are using, you will be able to know if it is really reliable or not . In case you see that it is not, you should change to another one and not compromise the files that you are going to save, since they could be exposed.

See comments

The first thing you can take into account is something as simple as looking at the reputation of the cloud service you are going to use. You can see comments from other users in Internet forums, for example. Also in app stores, where other people who have used it can leave their rating and comments.

In this way, if they have detected that something is not working well, that it is an insecure service, they will say so. That will prevent you from trusting your files there and deciding to use another alternative of the many that are on the net.


Does the cloud storage platform you use use encryption ? Today we can say that most do, but it is something you should look at to avoid problems. If you use one that is not guaranteed, it is possible that you will not use it and your data may be in danger and leak on the Internet.

What encryption basically does is create a layer of protection. All the files that we host there will be protected in case an intruder manages to intercept what we send or receive. This comes in handy to maintain privacy and avoid problems.

Downloaded from official sources

Another question that you should look at is where you have downloaded the program to use the cloud. Have you downloaded it from reliable and safe sources or have you downloaded it from any internet site, without really knowing if it is legit or not? This is something that you should take a good look at to avoid having an application installed that could be dangerous.

Our advice is that you always download the applications from reliable sites. For example , application stores such as Google Play or go directly to the website of that service that you are going to use. This way you will avoid installing software that could have been maliciously modified.

It’s updated

Of course, you should also check that the program to use the cloud that you are going to use is up to date . In this way you will be able to correct possible vulnerabilities that may exist and prevent an attacker from exploiting those flaws to sneak in some type of malware that affects your security or privacy.

This is something that we must apply to any type of system or program, but it is even more important when it comes to something connected to the Internet and that is also going to store personal information and files that may be important.

Ultimately, these tips can help you know if the cloud is safe. The goal is to avoid hosting content that could be exposed and affect your privacy and security. You are going to have many options available on the net, but not all of them are going to be reliable. There are problems when using the cloud that can appear and should be avoided.