With this, you can turn your Android phone into a PS5

It is evident that a revolution is on the horizon, and while it may take time, it is inevitable. Cloud gaming is gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. We no longer desire interruptions between gaming sessions, whether we are playing on a powerful console like the PS5 or on our Android smartphones.

Our smartphones have transformed into entertainment hubs, empowered by 5G connections and unlimited data plans. Now, we can enjoy connected gaming experiences from anywhere. Furthermore, if we can seamlessly connect our devices to a PS5 console at home, it enhances our ability to continue playing games like God of War Ragnarok or the latest expansion of Horizon Forbidden West.


BackboneOne for Android

As part of the ongoing cloud gaming strategy pursued by major video game companies, Sony made a significant move a few months ago by introducing a gamepad adapter designed to transform our iPhones into portable consoles, enabling us to enjoy remote gaming on the go. Unfortunately, this left Android users without a similar solution.

Backbone One PlayStation Android.

Fortunately, the situation has now changed. Following the release of the PlayStation Backbone One for Apple devices, an Android-compatible version has arrived. With this new gamepad, we can finally experience the colors, shapes, and precision reminiscent of the renowned Japanese DualSense controller, all while playing games on our Android smartphones.

The primary distinction between this model and its predecessor lies in the connector. It utilizes a USB-C port, which is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices that have entered the market in recent years. As a result, we can enjoy an incredibly responsive gaming experience, unlike certain wireless models that can be prone to occasional instability under specific circumstances.

Support Remote play

It is important to note that not all gamepad adapters available in the market for Android phones are compatible with Sony’s Remote Play application. In theory, only an original Japanese controller (PS4 or PS5) paired with the smartphone can operate the system. If you wish to use an alternative controller, you would need to install a specific app developed by third parties to bypass this limitation.

However, with the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android, this limitation no longer exists. Sony allows Remote Play to function seamlessly with this gamepad, without requiring any hacks or tricks to bypass the restriction. This means that not only can you enjoy the aesthetic appeal reminiscent of the PS5 controller, but you also have the assurance of complete functionality with this unique accessory.

While the specific launch date and price for Spain have not been confirmed by Sony yet, the Backbone One PlayStation Edition is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. If we consider the cost of the iPhone version, this Android edition is anticipated to be priced at around 120 euros.