The Witcher Monster Slayer, Mobile Augmented Reality Game

Immerse yourself in your role as a witch and get ready to hunt the rarest creatures that you can find while you walk, because The Witcher will have a game based on augmented reality that will offer you an experience similar to Pokémon GO.

The Witcher Monster Slayer

Witcher Monster Slayer

The Witcher, with its stories around Geralt of Rivia, has not only been a success in the world of video games. In addition to captivating millions of PC and console players, he also knew how to conquer all those who saw the adaptation series made by Netflix and that you can enjoy if you haven’t already.

Well, now we have Spokko, a CD Projekt studio specialized in creating games for mobile devices, is creating The Witcher: Monster Slayer . A title whose main novelty is not that it will be designed for mobile devices, but that it will be a game where its great attraction will be none other than the use of augmented reality.

As you can see in the first trailer announcing the new CD Projekt AR title , this new installment of The Witcher will share a dynamic that will already be familiar to you if you have seen a similar proposal such as the popular Pokémon Go or the most recent game based on Harry Potter.

Thus, as you can see, the game will propose you to go with your smartphone in hand, discovering new monsters and dangers that may be anywhere in those around you. Thus, once you find or find them, your goal will be none other than Geralt de Rivia’s: to kill them.

With a familiar setting, the story of this title developed by Spokke for CD Projekt will happen long before what was seen with Geralt of Rivia and the goal it will set you is that you become a sorcerer . For this you will have to tackle different missions that are based on many of the stories told in The Witcher.

Achieving that goal will involve leaving home , because it will be through the geolocation data of the mobile phone that it will show new challenges and creatures to defeat. While it will be necessary to prepare well with all kinds of weapons, potions, oils, bombs and other objects that you can make to have an advantage when you meet an enemy.

Below you have a brief one-minute gameplay that serves in part to see a little more in detail what the experience will be like.

As you can see, the number of monsters can be very high depending on the zones and their very varied physiognomy. When fighting, in addition to your sword you will have to use other types of objects that help you to have sales and thus be able to defeat it.

The Witcher AR, launch

The Witcher Monster Slayer currently has no release date set . The title is still being developed, although if you are interested in keeping up to date with its news and when you can download it for your smartphone, you can sign up for the official newsletter.

To register and find out all the development news you just have to go to the official website The Witcher Monster Slayer and sign up. Meanwhile, our recommendation is that you watch The Witcher series if you haven’t done it yet to get to know the story. It’s worth it and it’s one of the best Netflix series.