Wireless headphones for the most athletic

One of the essential accessories for anyone who considers himself a true sports lover are wireless headphones. Because there is nothing like listening to music to make your performance much higher.

Whether it’s running, cycling or going to the gym, music is the best companion. With a good theme, any race looks much more enjoyable. Even if you still have 5 kilometers to go to reach your own particular goal, or even 20! A song can make the effort seem so much less. In order to enjoy this pleasure , it is essential to get wireless headphones that meet certain conditions. Don’t know how to start searching? We help you!

Wireless headphones for the most athletic

What good wireless sports headphones should have

Before embarking on the adventure of buying headphones, it is essential that you make a small list with the requirements that they must have to be useful to you. If you have doubts, don’t worry, because we are going to show you what you should look for in devices like this to get the best possible quality.

  • The fact that they are wireless and, therefore, use bluetooth to connect, we have considered it essential . Opting for wired headphones today for sports is practically backward. You lose a lot in both mobility and comfort. Especially if you do strength exercises in the gym and you have to change machines and positions.
  • Regarding connectivity , we must emphasize that bluetooth also has other advantages. Like, for example, that you can connect your headphones directly to your smart watch. And you won’t always have to carry your mobile with you! It is important that the bluetooth version is at least 5.0 , since this way we guarantee the stability of the connection.
  • If there is something especially important, it is autonomy . The hours you will be able to spend playing sports and listening to music at the same time will depend on this. At a minimum, they should be able to guarantee you five hours . Of course, the charging case should allow you to get an extra shot of energy in case of need. No cases that do not charge and only store!
  • Although it is not essential, it is recommended that they have fast charging . They will save you from trouble on more than one occasion!
  • Another factor to analyze is both the design and how ergonomic it is. When playing sports, In-Ear headphones with silicone tips are recommended to guarantee stability. You will even find some that have a complement to be able to hold on better, being the most comfortable.
  • Sound quality is always an important point when purchasing audio devices. It is recommended to look for the sensitivity offered by these headphones to be more than 90 dB. However, it is something that is not always indicated by the manufacturers .
  • When playing sports, it is important that the headphones incorporate controls to be able to manage calls or change songs. In this way you will not always have to resort to your smartphone or your smartwatch to manage these parameters. That yes: that these controls are physical or tactile is only a matter of taste.
  • Along with the controls, it may be interesting to have a microphone . This will allow you to make hands-free calls and have good audio quality.
  • Although it is not decisive, the distance that allows you to separate yourself from the device that transmits the music is important. Normally you will take the mobile or the watch with you, but it may be the case that you have to move away to do something. In that case, it is better to opt for headphones that allow you to be at least 8 meters apart.
  • In the case of sports headphones, noise cancellation is not essential. What’s more: it can become inadvisable if you go running around the city. However, you may want to use it at other times, which is why we have included it as an interesting specification.
  • The price itself can be decisive. Keep in mind that it will vary a lot, depending on the specifications you have chosen.

Resistance to water and sweat: essential factors

Although in other situations water resistance may not be important, when it comes to playing sports it is. Because if these headphones are waterproof, it means that you can sweat without problem, knowing that they are always in good condition. Or even continue running despite falling a major downpour of water at that time.

Chica haciendo deporte con los auriculares Panasonic RZ-S300WE-K

To make sure that the wireless headphones we are going to buy are waterproof, we must look at the IP rating . This is an international standard that has different classifications, depending on what the device in question resists or not. These are:

  • IPX0 : the headset does not have any special protection. They are not recommended in general, much less for sports.
  • IPX1 : resists rain of 1 mm. Again, they are not recommended.
  • IPX2 : resists rain up to 3 mm.
  • IPX3 : It has protection if it is sprayed with water. So far, they are not headphones that we should consider for sports, since they could be easily damaged.
  • IPX4 : the interesting begins! These would have protection against splashing water.
  • IPX5 : in this case, they could even withstand low-pressure water jets for 3 minutes .
  • IPX6 : the protection would increase up to high pressure water jets, but for the same time.
  • IPX7 : the headphones would be prepared to be submerged up to 1 meter under water for 30 minutes .
  • IPX8 : it is the most powerful today, since it allows submersion of more than one meter. It is the manufacturers who subsequently specify the time.

The price will also depend on the IP rating, so it is not easy to find affordable IPX8 wireless headphones. They are not necessary either! Starting from IPX4 , your headphones will be able to accompany you to do sports with total peace of mind.

Affordable wireless headphones for every pocket

First of all, and taking into account that we already know what we should look for in headphones to choose well, we are going to see affordable models. The price range starts from 20 euros and we will not go beyond 80 euros. In this way, you can choose which wireless sports headphones fit you best without spending too much money.

BNALU: the most affordable headphones

If your priority is to save as much as possible, these wireless sports headphones from BNALU are the best. Because in addition to being around twenty euros , they have specifications that will leave you speechless.

auriculares inalambricas BNALU

As you can see in the design, they are linked together by a cable. These types of headphones are very comfortable when it comes to playing sports because they allow you extra support. That, together with the hooks on the top, ensures that the headphones are always in position.

You won’t have to worry about autonomy , since they offer more than 10 hours of freedom. Plus, they fully charge in just 90 minutes. They have bluetooth 5.0 to guarantee the stability of the connection at all times, and they have a microphone .

As for other interesting data that you should consider, they have IPX7 protection . Run in the rain if you feel like it, because these headphones will never let you down.

APEKX: we continue with iPX7 protection

We are still in the €30 range, in this case with wireless headphones from the APEKX brand. The main difference from the previous ones is that they are not linked together and they do have a charging case .

APEKX auriculares inalámbricos

You can choose between three different colors , in order to find the one that best matches your style. The design is completely sporty and ergonomic, accompanied by hooks at the top to prevent possible falls. Like the previous ones, they enjoy IPX7 protection.

Thanks to the charging case, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of autonomy. You will only have to gently place your headphones so that they begin to charge automatically. Connectivity will never be a problem because it has bluetooth 5.1 .

One of the most notable points of these headphones is that they have noise cancellation , despite their low cost. Forget about stress while you train!

A totally groundbreaking design: Dascert

The wireless headphones that we bring now have a design that will fascinate you. Above all for one detail: in the charging case you can see the available charge through a screen . No more suddenly running out of battery! And it even shows you the battery of each earphone separately, for greater precision.

auriculares Dascert

The price depends on the offer you manage to find, but you can buy them for less than fifty euros. They have bluetooth 5.2 , allowing the connection to be more stable and secure than ever. In addition, they have a microphone so you can answer calls if necessary. Alongside this, they offer noise cancellation .

The protection that you will find in these headphones is IPX7, allowing you to run in the rain without this being an inconvenience. Of course, the design is ergonomic enough to always stay securely in place.

Autonomy will no longer be a problem, since together with the charging case you will get more than 40 hours of music playback. In addition, they have touch control .

Anker Soundcore Life P2: High-quality wireless headphones

Within the affordable wireless headphones we have found real gems , like these Anker. They are available in very different colors, although we have chosen the green ones to break the routine a bit. The sound quality they offer is exceptional thanks to BassUp technology, and they have IPX7 protection.

Anker Soundcore Life P2

The battery will never be a problem, because with a single charge you will have 7 hours of continuous playback . With the case, you get up to 40 hours of freedom. And you can even take advantage of fast charging and get an hour of playback in just 10 minutes.

The grip differs from the rest of the sports we have seen since they do not have a hook. In spite of everything, its design is ergonomic and makes it easy for them to stay in the correct position. They do not have noise cancellation, but they are very affordable! For around €40 they can be yours.

The top of the affordable: with multi-mode noise cancellation

To end the list of the most affordable wireless earphones, we have these Anker Life P3 . And in a striking coral color! So that you do not go unnoticed at any time. They are the top of the cheap headphones. Its price is around €80, the limit that we had indicated at the beginning. But it is worth paying for it, especially considering the sound quality!

Anker Life P3

You will be able to enjoy noise cancellation even in the gym and even if someone yells while lifting weights. In addition, it even allows you to customize this cancellation to achieve a much more optimized experience. It has three different modes: transportation, outdoor and indoor.

The calls will be heard very clearly thanks to the six microphones that they bring with them. As for autonomy , you will have up to 35 hours of absolute freedom thanks to the charging case. They are very comfortable to use thanks to the design they bring with them, and very light! You will hardly notice you are wearing them.

High-end headphones: for the most demanding!

If you do sports very often, and you are always looking for the highest quality, these wireless headphones are for you! They are not affordable, since they all exceed 80 euros, but they will guarantee you have a device for many years in good condition.

JLab Epic Air Sport: very complete

This section should start with these incredible JLab Epic Air Sport wireless headphones, since it is one of the most complete models you will find on the market. And for around €120 ! The first thing to note is that it has a range of 15 hours , and an additional 55 hours if you use the charging case.

JLab auriculares inalámbricos deportivos

To this we must add that they have active and intelligent noise control . You can choose between three different modes, in order to adapt to each specific moment. In addition, they have touch controls so you can change songs without having to take out your smartphone.

They are the first that we have seen with dual connection , thus allowing you to connect to two devices at the same time. They have IPX6 protection, so sweat will never be a problem. By having hooks at the top, you will never fear that they will fall off because they will be well secured.

Totally different wireless headphones

SHOKZ brings with it sports headphones that will surprise you a lot, both for its design and its specifications. They are known as bone conduction headphones, and they are placed behind your ears staying completely open. This way, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them. They are specifically designed so that they never pose a problem when it comes to training.

Shokz auriculares inalámbricos

They have IPX7 protection, so water will never be a problem when doing sports. Of course: they are not suitable for swimming. The bluetooth connection they offer is 5.1, and they have noise cancellation that will provide you with complete isolation.

As for the battery , they offer up to 8 hours of autonomy in a row. It is more than enough to do sports for several days without having to change them. The price is around €130, depending on the offers you can find at that time.

Under Armor headphones: the smallest

Is your priority to keep your wireless headphones as small as possible? Well, these from Under Armor are specifically designed for you. They are in-ear , fully sporty both in water and sweat, and have incredible performance.

Under Armour Sport auriculares inalámbricos

The audio quality achieved by these headphones is incredible, since they have bionic technology. Thanks to that, it manages to wrap you completely. But they also adjust to your environment! Because they will automatically reduce the volume of the music if they sense that you are talking.

As for autonomy , they offer up to 10 hours of continuous playback. If you add its charging case to that, you get up to 50 hours of freedom. Without a doubt, one of the top headphones of the moment. Its price is around €200, although we have come to see them at €100 on offer!

Bose Sport Earbuds: a unique wireless earbuds

But this top had to end in a necessary way by introducing some Bose brand headphones. This is one of the favorites when choosing any topic related to audio due to the quality they offer.

Bose Sport Earbuds

Its design is not only very compact and ergonomic, but also aesthetic . They have a powerful blue-green color that will make you want to always wear them. Of course, they only have an IPX4 classification . Although we have pointed out that this is the minimum required to train, it is little considering other models that we have seen previously.

In exchange for this small disadvantage, it offers great audio quality. In addition, it incorporates touch controls that are very easy to use. All you have to do is swipe up or down to control the volume. As for autonomy , you will have up to 5 hours of full battery. The price is around, like the previous ones, €200.

The headphones that we recommend

We have a clear choice: the Anker Life P3 are the best possible decision. Not only because its price is not excessively high, but because of the benefits they offer. First of all, it has a great autonomy , thus allowing you to forget about the charger for a long time. But to this we must add its design, as ergonomic as it is striking, and its noise cancellation . Although this is not essential, it is a great plus!