Transform your TV into a retro console with these Android TV Boxes

One of the best add-ons you can have for your Smart TV is an Android TV Box . Even if your television is smart, and even if they come with the Google system as standard, it will be a great decision! Especially if you want to transform your television into a retro console .

Android TV Boxes are among the most complete devices when it comes to watching television. They will change the way you use it, since they will allow you not only to use content playback applications, but also games . And even retro games!

Transform your TV into a retro console with these Android TV Boxes

Advantages and services provided by these devices

If you still don’t know what an Android TV Box is, you don’t know what you’re missing! We are talking about simple and affordable devices that you can put on any television , whether it is smart or not. They are capable of making an old TV become the latest model in terms of utilities. If your old television did not have Netflix, with this simple device you can have it comfortably.

Mejores Android TV Box

How? Well, in the simplest way: integrating Android. They are compact devices that, when connected to your television through an HDMI output, will allow you to use Android TV. Thanks to this, you will be able to download a large number of applications , among which you will find games. That is, they will not only allow you to watch Netflix , but also make use of the games. For this, it is advisable to always acquire a specific remote control, although you can even connect your mobile phone.

The Android TV Box does not usually have many limitations, since it has access to the Google Play Store almost completely. The only thing it will ask you is that you have a Gmail email account to be able to log in comfortably.

If you are wondering what exactly you can use an Android TV Box for, you should know that the uses and functionalities are many. First and foremost, you will be able to view any digital content platform . Even if they don’t appear by default, you can always look for programs that serve as intermediaries.

Of course, you will be able to make your Android TV Box a retro console . You won’t even need to buy a very powerful machine, since as soon as it has more than 2 GB of RAM it will work very smoothly. By having access to the Google app store, you will be able to download a huge number of games. But not only that: you can also download emulators that will allow you to play old games from different platforms. You just have to find an emulator that you like, and search for the game files. If the Android TV Box has a slot for the MicroSD or SD, it will be as simple as taking advantage of this to insert the game files.

Features to consider

There is no better way to make the right purchase than to know exactly what to look for . In this way, we will always find just the right product that meets all our requirements. That is why we are going to see a few parameters that will help you choose properly.

TV Box de Amazon: TV Fire Cube

  • The first thing you should look for in an Android TV Box before buying it is the RAM it has. Look for, at least, that they offer 2 GB in order to guarantee the operation.
  • Along with this, it is important that you take into account the type of processor it has to see if it will offer you a certain fluidity.
  • In addition to these details, you should analyze the image quality that it supports. You will find models that even reach 4K or 8K, although this will also depend on your TV.
  • The ROM memory is essential, since the number of applications or games that you can download will depend on it. At a minimum, look for devices that offer 16GB of internal storage. Remember that it is not a smartphone and, therefore, you will not make the same use of it. You won’t need 128GB of storage because you won’t be using it to store photos, documents, or other types of files.
  • Finally, you must take into account what WiFi it supports and what modes it offers when connecting . That is, does it have USB ports other than the HDMI ones? Does it allow you to directly connect an Ethernet cable? All these details that may seem insignificant at first, could end up making the difference between a good device and an inefficient one.

Low-end Android TV Box models

We begin to see some models of Android TV Box that could be interesting. First of all, we wanted to select 3 that are especially attractive for their price, since they cost less than €50. If you want to save money while getting a good quality Android TV Box, these are yours!

The most affordable: Sidiwen with 2 GB of RAM

If what you are looking for is to spend as little as possible but get an Android TV Box, you will like this one from the Sidiwen brand. For just over €35, you can transform your television into the retro console you’ve been looking for.

Android TV Box Allwinner

It brings with it Android 10.0, a very updated version of the operating system. In addition, it has a quad-core G31 GPU processor that will make it work very efficiently. To this we must add, in turn, the 2 GB of RAM it offers. As for internal storage, you can download applications and games to fill the 16 GB it has.

As other great advantages of this device, you have to take into account that it has an improved HDMI 2.0 bandwidth, and that it supports 4K.

Android TV Box with mini wireless keyboard: Lauyuc

This Android TV Box that we bring is from the Lauyuc brand, and it comes with an interesting compact wireless keyboard. You will be able to find everything you are looking for much faster , and you can even use it to play games if you wish.

Android TV Box Lauyuc

As for the version of the operating system , we continue with one of the most recent, Android 10.0. The processor is a Quad-Core Cortex-A53 with Mali-G31, thus guaranteeing its smoothness and long-term operation. Not only to watch movies, but also to play all the games you need and want.

The specifications are better than the previous device, since it has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. You will never run out of space, without a doubt. To this we must add that it connects both by WiFi and by Ethernet.

TaNix: the jump to Android 11.0

If you were looking for an Android TV Box that was fully updated to Android 11.0 , this is the one for you. It is from the TaNix brand, it is still below €50 and it offers some very interesting features.

Android TV Box Tanix

The processor that you will find in this Android TV Box is one of the most powerful from Amlogic, the S905W2 model. Thanks to that, you will achieve high-quality image processing . To this we must add a not inconsiderable 4 GB RAM memory and a storage capacity of 32 GB. In this case, you can expand the ROM memory up to 128 GB with an additional SD card.

To connect it is as simple as using an HDMI cable and hooking it to your television. And you will have the console you wanted! It does not come with any remote that you can use exclusively to play, but you can always buy it separately.

Android TV Box for the most demanding: the best quality!

If you need a somewhat more complete device, or with higher performance, we have five other perfect alternatives for you. With them you will not have any problem to play even the heaviest games.

Turewell Android Box: complete and economical

This Turewell brand TV Box is one of the most complete you will find, despite still being quite cheap. Despite the fact that it comes with a previous version of Android, it can be updated without problems and you will have a device completely adapted to the present.

TV Box Turewell

It even has USB ports, thus allowing you to use other types of different connections. In addition, it has a 4 GB RAM memory that will allow you to work in a very fluid way. To this you must add that the processor is very powerful, thanks to its four cores. It doesn’t have a QWERTY controller, but you can always use a dedicated controller that you purchase separately.

A5X: a basic but very complete model

This signature model A5X is as practical as it is complete. In addition, it has the advantage of having a mini keyboard in addition to the usual command. In this way, you can even use it to play if you wish.


As for the technical specifications , you should know that it comes with Android 11.0 and that it has 4 GB of RAM. In turn, it has an internal memory of 32 GB that offers more than enough space to download any game . If your TV is 4K or 8K, don’t worry! Work perfectly with any type of resolution fluidly.

A5X: A Superior Android TV Box

The A5X brand is a benchmark in terms of TV Box, which is why we have chosen to introduce more than one model of it. This, for example, is slightly higher than the one just mentioned. Although they share the base, it offers better connectivity .

Android Box A5X +

Otherwise, the functions they offer are the same: you can download a multitude of applications and comfortably play any game you feel like. It has a 3D graphics accelerator through which you can even watch 3D movies from your own home. In addition, it brings with it a mini keyboard with which you can control everything much better.

One of the most powerful: a TV Box for all audiences

One of the latest Android TV Boxes that we bring is this one, also from the firm A5X. In this case, it not only improves connectivity , but also the physical connections offered by the device.

TV Box A5X ++

You can connect it to your TV via HDMI, and at the same time you can connect to other devices using its bluetooth . It has one of the best ARM Cortex processors on the market, which will allow you to do any task without latency or problems. And you can even watch 3D movies!

As for some technical details , you should know that it offers 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. In this way, it is positioned as the one that offers the most internal storage of all.

Bqeel: the most complete Android TV Box

Finally, we bring the most complete of the devices that we have mentioned so far. Although its specifications seem similar to the previous ones, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, its processor changes everything.

TV Box bqeel

It is equipped with Android 10.0, but you will be able to update it without problems . It has a Cortex-A53 processor with four cores, capable of fully guaranteeing the stability of Android TV Box. It will smoothly load all kinds of movies, videos or games . In addition, you can insert a MicroSD in case you run out of memory. Supports dual WiFi and 100M Ethernet, thus allowing the highest connectivity.

our favorite

If we had to keep only one of the TV Boxes that we have mentioned in this selection, it would be the one from the Bqeel brand. Despite being the most complete of all, its price continues without being something scandalous. It would allow us to play all kinds of games without presenting latency or fluidity problems, and we could even have extra memory!