Wireless Charging on Mobile: Tips for Use, Dangers and Possible Failures

More and more mobiles integrate the so-called wireless charging. Although it is not something new in the industry, dating back to the happy times of the defunct Nokia Lumia, its boom has taken place in the last two years. It can be said that all high-end mobiles and the vast majority of mid-range ones integrate this technology, which prevents our mobile from being tied to a cable while charging at rest.

Wireless Charging on Mobile

Wireless charging has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its dangers and tips for use . With a view to user comfort, placing the mobile on a surface without having to look for a charger to connect to the USB port increases comfort. However, if we want to use the mobile while charging, we must go back to using the usual method and connect it with the cable. This will make cable charging last for a long time, although there is already talk of the possibility of charging mobile phones via Wi-Fi.

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Tips for using wireless charging

In any case, mobiles that support wireless charging must take into account a series of tips for correct use, since otherwise, the charging base or the device itself could be damaged. These tips are applicable regardless of the mobile you have, since the standard works in the same way on all compatible mobiles.

Always use the original charger

This recommendation, which we see so much when we talk about traditional chargers, also extends to wireless charging . Our mobile has been developed and tested with our manufacturer’s wireless charging base. Although this technology is compatible with third-party chargers, its use is not recommended, as the charging performance may not be adequate.

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The sheath can affect

Third-party cases and covers may adversely affect wireless charging. In addition to being slower than normal , we may affect its operation if the case contains metallic elements, sensitive in wireless charging. The idea is always to remove the case or casing in this type of load.

Away from humidity

The bathroom and other wet areas are not a good place to put the wireless charger, no matter how attractive it may seem. Moisture is an enemy of wireless charging and can cause irreversible failures in the charging base and even in the charging capacity of our mobile. We will have to make sure that both the base and our mobile are always completely dry.

Clean the base when necessary

Dirt and dust can affect wireless charging. It is convenient to clean it from time to time, using a micro-fiber cloth and a small soft brush to gently clean the wireless charging base. For a more thorough cleaning, we can moisten a micro-fiber cloth with disinfectant alcohol and use it to clean the charging base, always making sure to dry it completely before using it again.

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Wireless charging issues

As with traditional charging, we may encounter several problems related to wireless charging. In this case, as it is a different method from the traditional one, its solutions vary although the problems are the same.

The mobile loads slowly

Wireless charging is not as fast as wired fast charging, although it is making leaps and bounds. With this in mind, if we have noticed a decrease in the loading speed , it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The device is far from the center of the wireless charging base : we will have to place the mobile in the center of the charging base to obtain the best charging performance.
  • An aftermarket charger is being used : For best performance, it is necessary to use a standard wireless charger and its corresponding charging adapter.

The mobile does not charge

In this case we are facing a bigger problem, since wireless charging does not take place, even though we believe that everything is correct. Likewise, we must make a series of revisions to solve the problem.

  • Look at the indicator on the wireless charging base : if it is off we will have to check if the charging base, the cable, the charger and the power supply are correctly connected. Likewise, it is recommended to remove the wireless charging base and reconnect it.
  • Foreign objects in the middle : if there are foreign objects stuck between the phone and the wireless charging base, we must remove them, because if something interferes with the magnetic energy, it will affect the charging of our phone.
  • The phone is not in the center : It is important to place the phone in the center of the wireless charging base and prevent the phone from moving. If not, wireless charging may not work properly.
  • If wired : As a safety measure, if wired charging and wireless charging are used at the same time, wired charging will be prioritized and will not work.

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What about reverse wireless charging?

As a complement to wireless charging, so-called reverse wireless charging allows two devices with the same technology to charge each other. That is, a mobile can share a battery with another or charge accessories such as bluetooth headphones. As we have seen before, this upload may not be successful, so let’s take a look at the tips that we should follow when using this parallel technology.

  • Charge-sharing devices must comply with the QI wireless charging protocol.
  • Metal objects should not be placed between the two devices during reverse charging.
  • If the device’s battery charge level is low (around less than 20%) and we are not connected to a charger, it is possible that the wireless reverse charging function will disconnect automatically.
  • Reverse charging can be disconnected automatically if it does not detect another device in a period of time.

Is wireless charging bad?

Like any wireless technology worth its salt, wireless charging is also mired in controversy . However, as we saw with the radiation that our mobile phone already emits, there is nothing that makes us suspect that wireless charging may have harmful effects on our health.

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When the wireless charger is not connected to a mobile, it emits a harmless signal that constantly searches for a receiving coil. This receiving coil present in our mobile requires to be in contact with the coil of the charging base, so the signal does not spread to the surrounding space. In addition, when our terminal comes into contact with the charging base, the signal is focused on the mobile’s receiving coil and charging begins. The complete wireless charging process emits less radiation than a phone connected to a mobile network. Therefore, being near a wireless charger does not pose any risk to health, so we can connect it without fear on the bedside table, in the car or at the office.