How to Add Smart Devices to the Android 11 Menu

Because more and more people have smart devices in their homes, Google decided to implement the quick device menu in Android 11 . This novelty that allows us to control the products with just two buttons, is one of the best news that we see in the latest version of the operating system and now we want to show you how to customize this menu by adding smart devices to Android 11.

dispositivos domotica android

To do so, we will have to undeniably have the latest version of Android, since no alternative system has been implemented in the previous ones for now. However, we anticipate that if you have devices connected to Google Home, this will be a piece of cake in the future when your mobile is updated. The customization layer will also be important, because for now not all of them come with Android 11 with this option.

Connect smart devices to mobile

The first thing we must do to be able to later have the shortcuts in the terminal is to configure them with Google Home. This own Google application is compatible with lights, Chromecast, televisions and an endless number of accessories. With it, configuring smart devices with your mobile is very easy.

añadir dispositivos inteligentes google home

We will only have to download Google Home in the Google Play Store if we do not have it yet, access with our Google account and then touch the “+” in the upper left corner to configure a new device. Now we just have to activate bluetooth and follow the steps shown on the screen to complete it.

Add the devices to the quick menu

Once we have them connected to our Google account, the steps we must follow to control the home automation with Android are very simple. What we will do will be the following:

añadir controles dispositivos android

  • We press and hold the power button on the mobile to access the smart controls.
  • We touch on the three points that appear above the devices.
  • We select the option “Add controls”.
  • We mark those that we do not already have marked or those that we want.

Remove devices from the menu

Just as we can add devices, we can also remove them in a very simple way. This will be useful in case some of the products we do not usually use with the mobile or we do not want that in the mobile of a relative appear devices that they do not really use.

eliminar dispositivos android 11

  • We press and hold the power button on the mobile to access the smart controls.
  • We touch again on the three points on the devices.
  • We choose “Edit controls”.
  • Among all those that we have marked, we uncheck what we want.
  • Finally we save the process.