The Windows Calculator: Unknown and Interesting Tricks

Once we have finished installing the Windows 10 system from scratch, when we start it for the first time we find a series of pre-installed UWP applications. These refer to some of the most common types of use. Among these we can mention Mail, Weather, Photos, Movies & TV or the Calculator.

Although these, in general terms, cannot be said to have a great acceptance by users, they can make things much easier for us. One of the great objectives of the Redmond firm with all this is that users have programs to start working with Windows 10 from the first minute. However, by far it is an unnecessary space that is occupied without any meaning. With everything and with this, we must know that there are better UWP applications of this type, and other worse ones.

Windows Calculator

In fact, if some of those who reject these programs stopped for a few minutes to take a look at what they offer us, they would change their opinion. This is the case that we are going to talk about in this case with the Calculator that is integrated into Windows. And it is that at first we could think that it is a calculator to use, like so many. But in reality, with just a couple of minutes to look closely at what it presents, it may surprise us pleasantly.

It is for all this that in these same lines we are going to talk about some of the integrated functions of this tool that perhaps you did not know existed. In addition, we can take advantage of all of them completely free of charge , not as happens with other very similar third-party programs.

Different types of calculators all in one

When thinking of a calculator of this caliber, most of us probably come to mind one with the basic operations , it goes much further. In addition to one of this type, simple, we find a scientific calculator, another graph , for programmers, or even a date calculator. All this divided into different interfaces to access the one that interests us in each case.

Calculadora Windows

Multitude of unit converters

And that’s not all, since the Windows Calculator also presents us with a series of unit converters that will be very useful. Thus we see of a multitude of types among which we can mention currency, volume, length, temperature, energy, speed, time, and many more converters. All these modes are found in the main menu of the application, we just have to click on the one we want to use.

History of operations

In turn, as we carry out all kinds of operations with this Windows element, in the left part of the main window we find a history. To say that the useful thing about it is that it allows us to go back or return to where we left off, more than anything in case we make a mistake .

Multiple views and individual display sections

To finish, we are going to tell you that in order for the UWP application to adapt to the needs of each one, it also has several views and independent sections. For example, we find a tab where the elements that we are adding to the calculator’s memory are stored. Similarly, in the event that we only need the most basic operations of these types of elements, we also have a simplified view so as not to complicate our lives more than necessary.