Windows 11: Reasons Why It Could Be a “Bad Windows”

The new Windows is a reality. It’s been a month since Microsoft announced its new operating system, a Windows that promises an almost complete renovation of the entire operating system. There are changes in the taskbar, in the start menu, in the general appearance of the program … Despite being a Windows 10 that has gone through paint and paint, Windows 11 looks like a completely new operating system. However, not everything that has been taught about this new OS is good, and if Microsoft does nothing, there are things that can lead to this new OS being a new “bad Windows”.

Windows 11: Reasons Why It Could Be a "Bad Windows"

Windows 11 will be “free”

The first thing that came to mind when Microsoft introduced its new operating system was how much is the update going to cost us? The truth is that in this sense the company behaved and ensured that users could upgrade for free from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without having to go through the box again. But there is a fine print in this.

As with Windows 10, upgrading to Windows 11 will only be free for the first year . Just when the system is most unstable. From 2022, if we have not updated already, we will have to checkout. And there are many users who will want to continue using Windows 10 until the end of support, in 2025, losing the ability to upgrade without paying.

Interface changes: people don’t like it

It is true that Windows was crying out for changes to the Windows 10 interface. But what users were asking was to return to the Aero appearance of Windows 7, not to a strange hybrid mix between 7, 8 and 10 as Windows 11 brings us .

The interface has changed in every way. From the taskbar , which is now much more limited (we cannot move it around, or drag icons to it) in functions to the icons centered on it. The start menu has also changed, being a much more minimalist menu (as we could already see in Windows 10X) and moving much further away from what was the classic Windows 7 menu.

Barra búsqueda Windows 11

Unnecessary functions and features

Such a big renovation of Windows involves bringing new functions and features. However, there are many unnecessary things within the operating system. Without going any further, we have a new widget panel, similar to that of “News and Interests” that many of us will not like.

Microsoft Teams is fine for those who use this program, however, is it really a function that we have to use yes or yes? New Teams chats will be on the taskbar by default, whether we like it or not. We understand that Microsoft wants to stand up to WhatsApp, but forcing users to have a program on their PC is not the best way to do it.

Teams en Windows 11

The Windows subsystem for Linux was a great first… for developers. But is the new Windows subsystem for Android really useful? In addition to being limited to applications from the Amazon App Store, and not having access to Google Play Services, this feature will be exclusive to computers with latest generation Intel CPUs. Again, betting on “planned obsolescence”.

Telemetry , of course, is another great handicap of this new system. If we were already complaining about the data that Windows 10 collected, with the new 11 we can put our hands on our heads.

Windows 11 = “Scheduled obsolescence”

Is there really a need for a new Windows? The truth is that Windows 10 is already 6 years old, but it has evolved every year with the updates and new versions that have been published. The Windows 10 that we have now has nothing to do with the Windows 10 that came out in 2015. And, probably, the changes in Windows 11 could have arrived as one more update.

The new Windows is going to be much more restrictive, and it is going to make many computers, which today still work well, become obsolete. The first is due to the increase in requirements . Microsoft’s new OS requires much superior hardware than other versions (more CPU, more RAM, etc.), making it impossible to install it on relatively old computers. Additionally, the TPM requirement is going to put a large number of newer, but lower-end computers out of support for this OS. A measure that, really, is totally unnecessary.

Administración TPM 2.0

The usual problem: updates

Windows 11 is going to have to deal with a great rival: Windows 10. For obvious reasons, companies are not going to update their systems , at least, in the first few years. With the money they have invested in preparing infrastructures for Windows 10, now they will not do the same with Windows 11 again.

In addition, Windows 11 will follow the same “rolling release” update model as Windows 10, although it will only receive one update per year. In other words, every 12 months we will have to run the risk that, by updating the PC, we may lose everything.

Descargar build 22000.100 Windows 11