Why It Is Recommended to Use an Encryption Program in Windows

Recommended to Use an Encryption Program in Windows

Everything related to both security and privacy when we work with our team in Windows , has become basic for most. The reasons for this are quite obvious, and that is that we are increasingly working with a greater amount of sensitive data on our computers. Precisely for this reason, many users currently choose to use encryption programs.

Here we talk about files and folders with both personal and more corporate content, but in no case should they fall into the hands of others. Keep in mind that when we share all this content over the internet , the platforms and services we use usually have their own encryption methods. However, as a general rule, those private files that we have stored on our hard drive are accessible to anyone who can navigate through it.

Hence precisely the importance that we have mentioned so many times to protect access to the computer with a password. But as we tell you, we can also use some of the encryption applications that we have at our disposal. But perhaps there are some who do not know the advantages that these applications can bring us when using a Windows PC. Therefore, below we are going to talk about some of the needs for which to use an encryption program on the computer.

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They prevent access to our files and folders

In the event that someone unwanted has access to the Windows computer. Likewise, if a user extracts or takes control of the computer’s hard drive, the encryption system that we use in this case will not allow him to be able to read all those files and folders that we previously protected.

And we must bear in mind that although we have a password to access Windows 10, it does not protect the data stored on the disk drives.

Encryption programs protect the entire operating system

To all this that we have just mentioned, we must add the fact that at the same time we can protect the entire operating system. With this, what we achieve is that no one has access to any of the contents of the disk drives that we have encrypted with these programs. And it is that again we must bear in mind that if someone physically removes the disk drive from our PC, the Windows password will be of no use.

With this, what we mean is that by connecting that disk to another computer, they will have access to all our sensitive files and folders without problem . However, an encryption program will avoid this type of trouble.

We can use a multitude of different encryption systems

Also depending on the type of environment in which we work or use our computer, we can use one type of encryption or another. It is interesting to know that these applications generally allow us to select the format or type of code that will be used internally for encryption.

This is something that is probably more useful for more advanced and knowledgeable users of this security topic.

Access to protected data will be a bit slower

But not everything was going to be advantages in this sense, as it happens with most of the security systems that we can use in Windows. And it is that in many cases when encrypting the contents of our units, access to them can be a little slower. At the same time we must bear in mind that depending on how we configure the application, to access these protected or encrypted contents ourselves, we will have to enter the corresponding access code.