Windows 10 Will Restart in a Minute: Microsoft Fixes the Bug

Windows 10 Will Restart in a Minute

Although Windows 10 is the majority operating system, it is neither the best nor, of course, the most stable. Users who use this system on a daily basis have to face all kinds of errors and problems that prevent them from working normally with the computer. One of the most recent system errors caused the computer to suddenly crash into a critical error and restart automatically, forcibly, in a minute. Luckily, this bug has already been fixed, along with other bugs, in the latest versions.

For a long time, a significant number of Windows 10 20H2 users were encountering a strange error. Suddenly, the operating system would display an error message stating that the system had encountered an error and that, in order to recover, it was going to automatically restart in one minute. And it was true. After 60 seconds, the operating system restarts automatically, whatever we are doing.

PC will automatically restart in one minute

This error occurs because the Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) process suddenly crashes. This process is responsible for controlling system security policies, such as logins, password changes, or access tokens. When this process fails, users lose access to accounts and all their privileges, so Windows is forced to restart to recover.

This bug affects normal Windows 10 users as well as Windows Server . And it could be experienced on both local and Microsoft accounts and domains.

Solution to the error “Your PC will restart automatically in a minute”

Microsoft acknowledged the failure last November 2020 . However, it has not been until now that this has finally been solved. If we have our computer always updated, we probably already have the patch installed, so we won’t have to do anything else.

If we don’t usually update the computer often, or we keep seeing the error message that restarts our PC, then what we should do is go to Windows Update, from the Settings menu, and download the new updates that are available by hand.

Buscar Update

When we have our PC fully updated, this error message should no longer appear.

Other bugs fixed

In addition to correcting this problem, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to solve another series of bugs in the operating system that were affecting users of the latest version. For example, since January 7, 2021, Windows 10 also removed the security retention when using the latest versions of the OS.

Microsoft also put an end to the blue screens that appeared when we connected NVMe SSD drives to the PC through a Thunderbolt port . From now on, these units should work with complete reliability, without any problems.

These errors only affected users of Windows 10 versions 2004 and 20H2 . Users who are still using versions from 2019, such as 1909, or an Insider version of the operating system, will not be affected by these errors. In any case, given that the support for 1909 is going to end very soon, we recommend that you start thinking about updating as soon as possible to a more modern version of Windows, especially now that these errors have been fixed.