Windows 10 Will Enable or Disable Aero Shake

Windows 10 is looking, in many ways, to break with the past. Microsoft‘s new operating system didn’t even inherit the beloved aesthetic, like the Aero theme from its Windows 7 ancestor, instead developing its new look almost from scratch. However, despite wanting to break with the past and bring us new and modern functions, there are some characteristics that it has not been able to get rid of. And one of them is known as Aero Shake.

Enable or Disable Aero Shake

How Aero Shake Works in Windows 10

Aero Shake is a function that was already present in Windows 7 that allows us to quickly minimize all but one of the desktop windows . To do this, we just have to grab the window that we want to leave open and shake it , from its bar, very quickly. Windows will automatically minimize all open windows and focus only the one we have grasped.

This feature can be useful for some users, but it can also be a hassle for others. If we make quick, jerky and nervous movements of the mouse, it is easy for the windows to end up being minimized because of this function. And Microsoft, as standard, does not offer an option to disable it.

A few months ago, changes to the Windows registry suggested that Microsoft was planning to remove this feature from the operating system. However, it seems that in the end he has reconsidered. And so, instead of deleting this function that may be useful for some users, what it will do is allow us to deactivate it from the Settings.

This new option for the Settings panel will arrive, initially, with Windows 10 21H2 .

Disable the feature right now

This new change will reach users in the fall of this year. However, if we are one of those who are bothered by this function in Windows 10, we should know that there are several tricks that allow us to disable it.

The simplest of these is to disable the docking options in Windows 10 settings. This option disables automatic sizing and docking alongside other windows, as well as removing the Aero Shake function from the system. We will achieve our goal, but we will lose other cool features of the operating system that we may want to use.

Desactivar funciones multitarea W10

There are other tricks to disable this feature as well. For example, we can open the Windows registry editor and go to the following directory:


Here we can find a value called “DisallowShaking” (if it does not exist we create it) to which we will give a value “0” if we want the function to be enabled, and a value “1” if we want to deactivate Aero Shake.

Finally, if we want to make everything easier, from a program, we must download and install Winaero Tweaker . This program allows us to activate and deactivate hidden Windows functions, among which we can find the function of shake to minimize, within the “Behavior” category.

WinaeroTweaker - Análisis 5

Anyway, if we have been since 2015 that Windows 10 saw the light of day with Aero Shake activated, waiting 6 or 8 more months is not going to mean that long. And so, as soon as we can have the PC updated to Windows 10 21H2, this function can be officially deactivated. No registry changes or use of third-party programs.