Windows 10 Will Allow Installing Drivers Without Connecting the Device

Many are the elements that are part of the Redmond operating system, Windows 10, and that are essential for everything to go well. Due to all the components that we install and connect in our computers today, it is logical to think that the drivers are a fundamental part.

This is something that Redmond are fully aware, hence special care put everything related to these drivers or drivers. For those of you who do not know well what we are talking about, it is interesting to know that in Windows the drivers are necessary for our devices to communicate with others and also with the operating system.

Windows 10 Will Allow Installing Drivers Without Connecting the Device

Windows 10 has its own generic drivers

By default the Microsoft software already brings with it a series of generic drivers for a multitude of common elements on the PC. Here we refer to components of the importance of the screen, the keyboard, the wireless connections type Bluetooth , the mouse, the printer, the sound system, and much more. In turn, the operating system itself, if necessary, also usually downloads and installs the necessary drivers automatically.

This is something that is accomplished through the much talked about Windows Update feature, and not always well. Of course, we must bear in mind that the drivers that we receive through this medium are not always the latest version released by the manufacturer. This is something that is especially evident with graphics and wireless controllers such as Bluetooth. But of course, we always have the possibility to install these updated drivers, ourselves manually.

To do this we must open the Device Manager and locate the PC component that requires a new driver. Once we have located it, we must click with the right mouse button and select the Properties option and from there click on the option to update the driver. This gives the operating system the option to load the new package downloaded from the manufacturer’s website to install the latest version of that driver.

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But of course, identifying the correct component to update is another problem. This is because you have to search for them manually. But this is something that is about to change.

Microsoft wants us to better update the drivers

We tell you this because in the most recent Windows trial versions , Microsoft seems to be testing a new feature related to it. And it is that through it, we will be able to install the new drivers more quickly without first identifying the component as such, that is, without connecting it previously.

In turn, Microsoft is also working on new options to filter the list of installed drivers and devices. Therefore, we will soon be able to install new drivers just by clicking the Add driver option.

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Of course, you have to know that this feature only works when adding a driver for new connected devices, it cannot be used to update existing drivers. To update we will have no other option than to do it with the traditional method, that is, looking for the component by hand, as we saw before. In addition, those of Redmond have enabled support for new views of these elements.

So we can see the drivers in a list mode that lists the drivers and components that use the .inf files. This helps us identify the hardware that a particular driver uses. On the other hand we will have another view of controllers by type. The driver files in .inf format will be listed here, all depending on the type of device. And finally we can see the drivers by device, where we see the components installed together with their .inf files.

All of this can be found right now in Windows 10 Build 21343 , so they could reach everyone in the 21H2 update.