A Button in Windows 10 Allows You to Delete all Firewall Settings

Microsoft wants its operating system to be as easy to use and configure as possible. Especially when an error or problem appears in the operating system, allowing any user to easily fix it. The tools to solve problems in Windows 1o are, in truth, quite effective and allow users to detect and correct all kinds of problems easily. The problem comes when some options are so drastic that they can completely restore a certain configuration, as it happens with the security settings of Windows 10 when trying to repair the problems with the Windows firewall .

The Windows 10 firewall is the tool that allows us to protect our PC from all kinds of computer attacks and unauthorized program connections. This element is integrated into Windows Defender and is in charge of controlling all connections, incoming and outgoing, and managing them according to some rules that we can configure.

When for some reason this firewall is not working correctly, Windows Defender shows us an error. And when we access it, we can see a button that invites us to automatically solve the problems so that the Windows 10 firewall works again. And this is when the problems begin.

We do not know if this option is due to a Microsoft bug or a new feature. What is clear is that, if we click, it can be very expensive.

delete firewall settings

Button to repair Windows 10 Firewall resets security settings

If the Windows 10 Firewall is failing for some reason, or has been disabled, we can see several warnings that will indicate that, indeed, something is wrong. For starters, the system tray icon will appear with a red X. In addition, when entering it, we can see the error message of Windows Defender.

If we move to the configuration section of the Windows 10 Firewall we can see what is happening. In our case, for example, we have the public network firewall disabled, which can pose a serious risk to the security of our PC.

In the upper part of the window, we will also see a button called ” Restore configuration ” that, supposedly, allows us to solve all security problems.

Restablecer configuración Firewall W10

What happens when you click on this button is that Windows completely erases all the firewall settings , including the rules that we have created. Windows 10 security returns to its default values to reactivate the operating system firewall. It does not matter if the problem is that we have manually disabled it, or that the security shield has disappeared, the solution is the same: reset everything to the factory settings.

Also, Microsoft won’t warn us about what this button is doing either. Just by pressing it we can forget about all the rules and configurations that we would have done in the firewall.

Problems resetting firewall settings

We may wonder what is wrong with resetting the firewall settings . And if we ask ourselves this question, surely we are among those who will not have problems doing so. However, users who really care about their safety will waste a lot of time.

The ideal configuration of a firewall is in restrictive mode with rules . This means that, to protect us, you must block everything by default, except what is specified in the rules. We must choose which programs can connect to the Internet through which ports. In this way, we will be protected from all kinds of computer attacks.

If the settings are reset, all the rules disappear. This means that we will have to dedicate time to recreate them. Also, if that were not enough, our computer will be inaccessible through the Internet. We will not be able to connect to it remotely. We will have to have physical access to it to reconfigure the rules.