WiFi Problems on Realme: Frequent Solutions, Tips and Tricks

Problems with Realme Wi-Fi can become real headaches. These faults can be very varied and, therefore, also their solutions. On other occasions, a brand may have its own solutions and specific errors with wireless networks, as is the case with these phones from the Chinese firm. Of course, never forget that these errors can be both software and hardware.

A network that does not connect or directly does not find the Wi-Fi point we want. In addition, on many occasions the navigation can become very slow when it was not before. All these situations weigh down the browsing experience with our Realme , but luckily we have the right tools and solutions to end these problems.

WiFi Problems on Realme

Can’t find network

In this case we find two different situations, in which no Wi-Fi network can be found or only a specific wireless connection, therefore, each solution is different.

  1. No wireless network can be found: in this case, the solution is to first restart our mobile. We must also verify if the same thing happens on another mobile , since if not, the solution is also different.
  2. The network we are looking for is not found: if you can see the rest of the connections, but not that of our router, it may be due to a compatibility problem with 5 GHz connectivity, that is, the smartphone cannot connect to this type of network. In this case, we must enter our router and activate only the 2.4 GHz connection.

realme 5 con señal wifi

Hardware fault?

That the wireless network of our house or of another place cannot be found, the truth is that it could be something worrying. To make sure that it is not a hardware failure, we are going to use a tool that is included in Realme phones known as Diagnostics .

modo diagnostico realme opciones

In this case, we will not need to enter the settings of the Chinese device, but we will have to enter an app that comes standard in Realme UI. Therefore, we will have to go to the app drawer until we find a software called Phone Manager . When we are inside this tool, we must click on Diagnosis. Then, we will be able to carry out an analysis of all the sections, although the one that interests us is the Wi-Fi connection .

In case there are errors, the application itself will give us the instructions to correct it and make it return to normal. Although, we must bear in mind that there are things that cannot be fixed by software, so if we have dropped our phone and it has failed since then, the diagnosis is most likely not the solution we need and we will inevitably have to visit the service technical.

Find Wi-Fi, but won’t connect

It is a frustrating situation because our Realme mobile does find the networks , but cannot connect. In this case there are several solutions that we can try to carry out:

Restart the mobile and the router

At first, the easiest thing will be to restart the phone and the router. It may be a specific error in the smartphone software that is preventing us from connecting, or it may simply be a connection problem with the router itself .

Therefore, the first action that we must carry out will be to turn both devices off and on. Once they have been restarted correctly, we will have to try again to connect the Wi-Fi to the Realme mobile.

conectar móvil a router sin contraseña

Check if another phone can connect

To find out if it is a phone problem, the best option will be to try to connect another smartphone to the wireless network, or another device that has the ability to do so. In the event that we achieve it with other devices, it will be clear that it is a failure of the Chinese phone.

On the other hand, if we can’t connect either, we will have to contact our operator, since it will be an error in the router we have at home.

Check the network password

Believe it or not, many times we have made a mistake in a single letter, or in the order, in such a way that we do not appreciate it at first glance. Therefore, check very well that you have correctly typed the password of the wireless network that you entered when trying to connect. And it is that, in a vast majority of cases, the real culprit that we cannot connect the Realme mobile to Wi-Fi is our fault.

The connection is slow or not working

We are facing the third situation, since we have avoided the previous problems. That is to say, our mobile finds and connects to a wireless network, but the navigation is very slow or we cannot navigate directly.

Delete the saved connection

We will have to go to the Wi-Fi settings and click on the options of the network to which we are connected . Now we click on ‘forget’ Then we reconnect to the network with the correct password and test if the navigation occurs without problems.

Realme GT 2 Pro pantalla

Reset network settings

Just like we can format the Realme smartphone, there is an alternative that we will have to try before moving on to that method. In this case, we will use a tool that is responsible for completely ‘restarting’ all the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data connections of the terminal.

To achieve this, we will have to go to Settings > Additional settings> Backup and reset > Return to factory settings> Reset network settings and confirm the action.

Update mobile

If our Realme has any pending update, we must update it. Since its release, it is possible that our model has received some patches to solve problems, including improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity. To check it, we go to the Settings menu> System> System Updates.

actualizar realme

other tips

The lack of speed that makes browsing almost impossible or that the mobile cannot enter any website , can be caused by multiple factors. Some to take into account in our mobile are the following:

  • Check the network signal in the mobile status bar, to make sure that we are within the range of the router to be able to receive the signal with sufficient intensity.
  • If it is a public Wi-Fi network, the speed may be slow, due to the presence of other users. We will have to try to connect to other wireless networks and check if the problem has disappeared.
  • Clean the cache and junk files of our mobile from Settings> Storage> Storage cleaning.
  • Reboot the router and try again.
  • If everything fails: consult the operator to find out if there are network failures or limits in our area.

Return to factory settings

Restarting the terminal to its factory settings will eliminate all the applications and configuration data that may be hindering the correct functioning of the wireless connection on our mobile. Although before doing so, make sure to make a backup of the device so as not to lose all the data that you have been saving on it.

After having backed up the data, we must access the Realme mobile settings> click on Additional settings > select Backup and reset> touch the option Return to the factory state (delete everything)> Delete all data . Finally, confirm the action and wait for the process to complete.

When the device starts, we will have to configure it as we did the first time we took it out of its box.