WiFi or cable: which is better to watch Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video?

We continually watch our streaming platforms on Smart TV to enjoy movies of all kinds, series with which to spend marathon hours. But to see the contents with great quality and fluency we need a good Internet connection and one of the questions that you may have asked yourself is. Is it better to watch Netflix on TV with WiFi or cable ? We see what the options are and what is recommended that you have at home if you want the highest quality and fluidity.

In general, connecting your Smart TV via cable will have advantages if you want to watch movies in the highest quality but you can use a good WiFi connection to watch content without any problem. It will depend on the speed reached whether or not there are cuts. We explain it to you.

WiFi or cable: which is better to watch

Wi-Fi or cable?

What is the recommended speed given by streaming platforms if we want the highest quality? In the case of Netflix, it recommends a speed of 25 megabits per second if we want to play content with Ultra HD quality, if you want to watch 4K movies without cuts and with image quality. Is it okay to use WiFi? If your Smart TV is connected to the WiFi connection of the router and it reaches it with sufficient range and speed, there is no problem using this method. It happens, for example, with TV Box or with devices like the Chromecast that work with WiFi and that will allow us to view content. But if the wireless signal does not arrive correctly, we will not be able to play content smoothly.

What is better? Using the cable will always provide us with better speed on any device than if you use the wireless connection. If you have a network cable and the possibility of connecting your television, it is always recommended that you do so. If your television does not have an Ethernet port, there are devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Cube that allow us to connect a network cable and thus ensure the Internet connection.

What if I don’t have cable? We are obsessed with the maximum speed in all points of the house and we want to have 1,000 Mb on any device, but the truth is that you won’t need that much, much less is enough. As Netflix states on its help page, you need around 25 Mbps to stream 4K content so you won’t have any problems in most cases.

cable ethernet

The WiFi network does not reach

If you use a WiFi network that does not reach the living room or bedroom where you have the Smart TV correctly, there are some solutions that will allow us to improve coverage to be able to play Netflix or Disney+ or HBO Max without problems. You can use classic WiFi amplifiers that carry the signal to all points of the house, for example, but we can also bet on PLC devices that allow us to connect WiFi television thanks to a PLC in the bedroom that takes advantage of the wiring and installation of the home to bring us the connection everywhere.

Or, for example, we can use a WiFi Mesh system that ensures full coverage everywhere and uses a system of nodes so that you always connect to the repeater that will offer you the best service, taking into account the saturation of the rest. , if one is down or not or if someone is going too slow.