PowerToys: Boost Your Windows Experience for Free

At the moment, the most widespread version is Windows 10, which is Close to the end of its life cycle as Microsoft will not provide official support for it after the next year. As a result, Microsoft is now primarily concentrating on the further promotion of Windows 11 and is also developing the next generation, which is still informally called Windows 12.

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Microsoft regularly updates the application to include new attributes and improve on the existing ones to address the needs of the current world. An important area that has been identified is to incorporate AI in the system to enhance the user experience as well as their productivity. Nevertheless, there are certain features that users found to be lacking in the applications.

Introducing PowerToys: How to Improve the Operations of Windows for Free

PowerToys is a set of utilities which is developed to enhance features of Windows Operating System. Being an open source software, it comes with even more features that help in increasing the productivity of the software as well as the user. PowerToys can be obtained from here.

Key Features of PowerToys

PowerToys is a set of utilities, which is a powerful enhancement for Windows operating system. Here are some of the most interesting and widely used features:

  • Advanced Paste: Makes it easier to paste texts and at the same time format and insert them in the desired manner.
  • Always on Top: This feature allows you to keep some windows on top of the rest of the windows so that desired applications are easily available.
  • Awake: Does not allow the PC to sleep, helpful when working for a long time or giving a presentation.
  • Crop and Block: A feature that helps people to prevent some information from being hidden or removed from sight.
  • FancyZones: Aids in handling multiple windows by allowing the user to arrange windows into templates.
  • File Locksmith: They help in accessing files that are currently in use by other applications in the system to enhance on file management.
  • Image Resizer: Resizing of images is possible within the context menu at a very fast rate.
  • Keyboard Manager: It also has features of key re-mapping and setting up of new hot keys.
  • Mouse Utilities: It assist in finding and intensifying the mouse pointer on the computer screen.
  • Peek: Enables one to view the contents of files with out necessarily having to open them.
  • PowerRename: Allows for the changing of file names of several files at once.

How to Use PowerToys

PowerToys is easy to use and has a simple layout that opens up access to every tool. Before using any tool, a brief description and instructions are given to the users to ensure that they get the most out of the feature.


Therefore, for users who frequently work with Windows and aim at increasing their efficiency, PowerToys is quite helpful. Despite the fact that these tools are rather simple, new users can take advantage of the added functionalities they provide. Thus, PowerToys is a versatile, free set of utilities that greatly enhances the functionality of Windows. Get it from the App Store now and begin discovering the new improvements that can help improve your efficiency at work.