Why you should stop charging your mobile in the car

In recent times there have been many ways that have come into our lives to facilitate our day-to-day tasks, and that is seen with the technologies for our mobile phones. In those, and with a lot of use, in addition, what are the chargers to recharge the smartphone have emerged. However; It is important that you know that you should not charge your mobile inside your vehicle due to the damage that may arise.

why you should stop charging your mobile in the car

The technology to charge the mobile in your car is outdated

Nowadays, carrying a cable to charge your mobile phone in the car has become widely used, except for the models that already offer wireless charging (and even then, this is not compatible with all models). In addition, this is also used to use apps like Android Auto when Bluetooth is not an option.

So, if your car has a USB to charge your mobile or some system that allows it to be recharged, and that you use frequently, we have to advise you not to do it anymore. And it is that, despite being something that companies sell you as innovative, the truth is that it is an outdated technology.

This is something that we can normally do with all kinds of cigarette lighter chargers , which we can connect to this connector in our vehicle. But of what it can also do because its battery is also diminished, among other equally relevant factors.

Doing so has negative consequences.

In fact, it is more than common for many of us to fear running out of battery on our mobile, so that if we are driving, we unconsciously use that time in a ‘useful’ way, that is, connecting the smartphone to the vehicle to charge it. However, a multitude of studies carried out by technology companies do not recommend at all to extend this practice or do it regularly.

According to the tests carried out by specialized companies, there are several reasons that do not recommend charging the mobile in the car at all. The main argument has to do with what is the USB port of a car, which has been originally manufactured to connect devices that do not require a lot of energy , something counterproductive against the latest new generation mobile phones that do require good energy. (and higher than it was a few years ago), so doing so has negative consequences. At the same time, and in all cases, manufacturers recommend charging the battery with the indicated adapter , always to an electrical outlet capable of providing sufficient power, or to use external portable batteries.

A greater effort to complete the car battery charge

When a car is on, the alternator continuously produces power so that the vehicle’s battery does not discharge. If we plug in the charger with the car running, part of this current will be derived from the mobile; this will be reflected in a longer time to complete the charge of your car battery .

If your vehicle is new or is in optimal maintenance conditions, this energy should be enough to keep the battery always 100% charged, in addition to keeping the electrical components of the car in optimal operation and also charging the mobile.

Cargar batería móvil coche

Very low charging power, considerably slow

Although battery technology does not evolve in the same way as that of other mobile elements, such as cameras or processors, for example, steps forward have been taken that leave USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 , the most widely used in the car, offside.

Currently, most manufacturers include a 2-amp charger, which is the minimum necessary to optimally charge the battery in the most modern mobiles. The problem with this system is the power of the load. It’s slow, considerably slow . Probably any charger you have at home will charge faster than the one in your car.

There’s nothing wrong with slow charging your battery, it’s even better for battery life. The ‘problem’ lies in the purpose of the charge in the car. In general, these charges are made when we go to work or go shopping, journeys that usually last a few minutes.

The energy will not be constant, and can make your mobile suffer

Also, the vehicle’s USB port has been designed for actions that do not require a lot of power, such as playing music. This also explains why the energy it provides is not constant , something that will end up being detrimental to the health of our mobile’s battery.

It is always recommended to charge the devices with the original accessory of the brand for several reasons. On the one hand, the circuitry of the charger itself is of good quality and, on the other hand, the power it supplies is adequate for the capacity of the charger.

Can cause overloads

Another point is that if the adapter is not working properly or is not from the manufacturer of the phone, it could send too much power to the phone and damage it.

This directly translates into the possibility of sudden power surges or spikes that could lead to overheating, damage to internal components, or even (although rarely) forever ruin our device.