Why you should never use a Bluetooth mouse to play games

The computer mouse is an essential peripheral, particularly for desktop PC users, and it becomes even more crucial for gamers.

The distinction lies in the type of mouse we utilize: wireless or wired. While both have their advantages, the choice becomes crucial, especially for gamers, due to a particular difference.


Which is better?

Naturally, the choice of mouse will vary depending on the type of user you are. Your usage, whether amateur or professional gaming, or non-gaming altogether, will significantly influence the selection process.

For casual users who enjoy activities like watching YouTube videos, playing simple games, or browsing the internet, a wireless Bluetooth mouse would be the ideal choice. Its cable-free convenience enhances the overall experience. However, if you are a professional gamer or aspire to become one, using a wireless mouse can lead to significant disadvantages and potentially cost you games.

Why is that? The primary reason is latency. In competitive games like Counter-Strike or League of Legends, even a minor delay of a millisecond can result in losing a crucial battle and ultimately the game.

end of a lol tournament with cable mouse

When using a Bluetooth mouse, its response speed and consequently the latency tend to be higher compared to a wired connection. This is because wireless signals travel slower through the air than through a direct cable connection.

Now, is the difference significant? It depends on the specific mouse and its quality, but as a general rule, a standard wired mouse offers a delay of around 1ms, while a wireless connection typically introduces a delay of approximately 1.3ms, which is about 30% more. For casual gamers, this slight increase in latency may be insignificant. However, for those who take gaming more seriously, it can potentially make a difference in winning or losing games.

It’s important to note that latency is just one aspect to consider, and there are other factors that can impact your gaming experience, such as internet connection, processor, graphics, and more. Ultimately, the most important thing is to enjoy your gaming sessions and use the device that makes you feel the most comfortable, especially if you’re not aiming to make a living out of gaming.

wired gaming mouse

With each advancement, Bluetooth technology has made remarkable progress, and as we approach version 6.0, the improvement in latency is truly impressive. It is likely that in the near future, the speed difference between wired and wireless connections will become negligible. Therefore, it’s important to understand that you can continue using the mouse of your choice without worrying that reading this information will result in more game losses.

It’s worth noting that there are professional-grade mice available with latency levels comparable to wired connections. However, if you rely on gaming as a profession, even the slightest delay may not be worth it, as you strive for the best performance. On the other hand, if you’re a casual user, spending hundreds of euros on a mouse is unlikely to align with your goals.